Daily Kudos for Thursday, September 21

Yummy Kudos

• KUDOS to British business mogul Richard Branson for following in the footsteps of fellow billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and setting aside significant capital to tackle issues of global import that might otherwise be underfunded or neglected. At a summit sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative (see below), Branson pledged to “invest about $3 billion to combat global warming over the next decade.â€? It seems only fitting that Branson—who is also renowned for his exploits as a balloonist—would contribute money to the atmosphere after having previously contributed a good deal of hot air to it. more…

• KUDOS to former President Bill Clinton for organizing the Clinton Global Initiative, which has “gathered heads of state, business leaders and international nonprofits to find and fund solutions to the world’s most pressing problems: poverty, limited access to health care, energy and climate change, and religious and ethnic conflict.â€? Even a good half decade removed from his tenure in public office, Clinton remains a charismatic and influential leader. Anyone care to lay bets on whether the same might be said of George W. Bush in 2014? more…

• KUDOS to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for using a bully pulpit at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday to give words—however inflammatory or hyperbolic—to what many around the globe have long thought. He “bitterly and sarcastically assailed President Bush…portraying Mr. Bush as ‘the devil’ who thinks he is ‘the owner of the world.’â€? Not surprisingly, after Mr. Chavez gave his speech, a spokesperson for the Devil (who looked very much like Tony Snow) issued a press release taking exception to the Venezuelan leader’s “hurtfulâ€? analogy. more…

• KUDOS to U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth D. Laporte for yesterday “ruling against the Bush administration’s efforts to open national forests for logging and mining…[by setting] aside a U.S. Forest Service rule that allows governors to decide which land in national forests is suited for development.â€? It’s encouraging to see that justice can occasionally prevail and that some in positions of authority have the best interests of the globe and the species which still inhabit it at heart. more…

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  1. Kudos to David for having the guts to give kudos to Hugo Chavez, who is a noted bugbear of the winger set.

    Imagine the gall of Chavez: actually putting the welfare of his own country and own people ahead of America’s god-given right to have cheap gas! What a Commie! Who cares if he was democratically elected? The CIA should overthrow him and put a US-friendly puppet in his place, preferably a former oil-company exec.


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