“Who Killed the Electric Car?”

I just watched a fine documentary entitled Who Killed the Electric Car? (thanks for the tip, Guy) that I would recommend to anyone interested in alternative technologies, the environment, and the ways in which corporate America and the government conspire to maintain a status quo that profits the few at the expense of the majority. The movie is currently available on DVD, and you may view its trailer below:

[direct link]

I also recommend checking out the website of the organization, Plug In America, for additional information on the topic of plug-in vehicles.

2 thoughts on ““Who Killed the Electric Car?”

  1. I have been ona wait list for three months waitng for the DVD from the public library…..but it is a must see. Sad but true story of how the big oil companies and automobile manufacturers joined together to squash the idea.

  2. […] They can, but they won’t. The auto industry continues to effectively avoid the full-scale shift to alternative energy fuels for cars. It’s a sad case of how corporate influence limits the ability for innovation and expansion into alternative resources. For more on this, I refer you to a movie that David posted a while ago called, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” […]

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