A Ray of Hope

If we 21st century folk are eating more potatoes, at least we won’t have to sit in the dark

Columbus (OH) – Researchers at Ohio State University have accidentally discovered a new solar cell material capable of absorbing all of the sun’s visible light energy. The material is comprised of a hybrid of plastics, molybdenum and titanium. The team discovered it not only fluoresces (as most solar cells do), but also phosphoresces. Electrons in a phosphorescent state remain at a place where they can be “siphoned off” as electricity over 7 million times longer than those generated in a fluorescent state. This combination of materials also utilizes the entire visible spectrum of light energy, translating into a theoretical potential of almost 100% efficiency. Commercial products are still years away, but this foundational work may well pave the way for a truly renewable form of clean, global energy.

Whatever happens after Tuesday, we need to make energy independence a top priority. If we can buy a solar lawn light from China for 3 bucks it can’t be far away. Think decentralized, think clean, think of an Energy Race that will make our country proud and respected. Yes, we can.

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  1. Cranston is going broke again and here, when not compulsively obsessing about Sarah Palin, we’re talking about potatoes.

  2. Jesse from Cranston


    So we’re wasting time on the blog, and you state that by… wasting time on the blog. Even better: by posting falsehoods about the city’s finances.

    Now, if you’d like to try having a real debate (contrary to nearly everything you’ve posted previously), I’d be glad to oblige. Maybe then you wouldn’t be wasting y(our) time so much.


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