On my Cox homepage the headline says that Gov.Carcieri is planning a hiring blitz. Huh? Wasn’t there just a firing blitz? Didn’t he aim to eliminate 1,000 state jobs?

Carcieri Administration Plans Hiring Blitz
12-30-2008 4:05 AM

(Providence, RI) — The governor’s office is working to fill dozens of state vacancies. (link)

There was a surge in retirements. Maybe caused by his inviting state workers to not let the door hit them on the way out.

I don’t know. Some of you Kmareka readers are pretty wise to local politics. Any opinions? I gotta go to work. Glad I have a job.

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  1. Are new hires being offered the same benefits as those who left?No-which explains the rush to leave before a certain deadline(I don’t recall the exact date at the moment)and the ability of the state to fill a certain number of required positions which for one valid reason or another can’t be left unfilled.
    Happy and safe New Year to you and all others here.


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