New Morning

This is a song I’m hoping to sing at my church, Church of the Ascension, once we get past Lent and into Easter season. The song “New Morning” was written by Bob Dylan and is performed below by Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb. It has a beautiful simplicity to it — a sense of coming out a time of ravaging grief or trouble, but also acknowledging that things are still going to be a struggle going forward – “Groundhog runnin’ by the country stream, this must be the day that all my dreams come true…”


New Morning – Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell

Thanks to Kathryn Kulpa who gave me the CD containing this song, Catch the Moon.

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3 responses

  1. Great song choice, Kiersten! :-)

    I’d like to hear this, so keep us posted about when it will be.

  2. I too loved the music. I will pick this CD up for the kids. Thanks for sharing. I like this version better.

  3. Me and Kalli LOVE that song too,as you can tell by the way me and Kalli sing along with you. I can’t wait to hear you sing it at church!!!! I’ll start practicing, Can you hear that…

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