Bananagrams Writing Contest Sponsored by The Newport Review!

The great trifecta reward for talented writing was once considered to be fame, fortune and sex, but we have an even better incentive to write great prose and poetry: The Newport Review Writing Contest!

Win $200 (a total of $500 in cash prizes will be awarded) for writing a clever, insightful or otherwise kick-ass story for our Bananagrams Writing Contest!

Forget fortune. Forget fame! We have Bananagrams Prizes! If you are a runner-up, you will get your very own bag of Bananagrams, complete with 126 tiles and a very cute zipper banana.

But wait! There’s more! If you act now, you can get a free Newport Review bumper sticker mailed right to your very home. Supplies are limited, so don’t delay! Let everyone who is tailgating you know of your literary leanings!

For more information and contest guidelines, go here!

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  1. [...] a writing contest along with Providence’ own Bananagrams. If you write something brilliant you could win cash or a prize of Bananagrams– a word game that comes in its own yellow banana-shaped [...]

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