Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

This article summarizes research on coffee’s benefits. Enjoy your java as you read!

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5 responses

  1. Ruth Dealy says she gets caffeinated every morning and then goes to her studio. She paints good.

  2. Getting caffeine from coffee is much better than getting it from cola,even the diet stuff.
    When I was little,there were just the usual brands and the only fresh ground was from A&P-8 O’Clock,Red Circle,and Bokar.
    Only when I was older and married did I discover there were scads of completely coffee varieties.

  3. Oops-completely DIFFERENT varieties,and come to think of it there was something called Postum-yecch!!

  4. I think that coffee is part of our everyday social life. Most of us drink coffee every morning (I do 2), we take a coffee break now and then, we buy coffee mugs in as many shapes as stars and much more. Coffee is like a fashion trend.

  5. There is a limit-a certain type of coffee is made from undigested beans found in civet poop-I think only Andrew Zimmern could gag that down.

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