Carly Fiorina– Get Well Soon

I want desperately for Barbara Boxer to win the race for the Senate, and I want Carly Fiorina to win her battle against cancer and its complications. She is in the hospital being treated for an infection related to surgery.

We’re all in the human race, and women, especially, understand.

“We wish Carly Fiorina a speedy recovery and hope she is able to return to her normal schedule soon,” Boxer campaign manager Rose Kapolczynski said.

First lady Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, and Boxer all used speeches at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Los Angeles Tuesday to wish Fiorina a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Carly Fiorina should be back on the campaign trail as this goes to press. When it’s pathogens vs humans, I’ll vote for the humans every time. Congratulations, Carly. Now I hope Barbara Boxer wins the Senate race, because she is the better candidate.


Linc Chafee could say that he did not leave the Republican Party– the Party left him. He had the integrity to vote his conscience against a war based on lies. Steve Laffey tried to grab the momentum of the right wing, and moved in, but only suceeded in helping to put Sheldon Whitehouse in the Senate.

Chafee is the last of the old-style Republicans, and in this political climate a progressive. Why would Caprio be dealing with Laffey, if not from simple craving to win at any cost?

Today’s ProJo reports on the rumor that Caprio was considering switching parties…

John P. Dodenhoff, the former campaign manager for Republican Stephen Laffey, says that he was invited to lunch in February by Michael Lepizzera — a Cranston lawyer and Republican operative — who broached the idea of Caprio running as a Republican.

Caprio and Lepizzera, who is supporting Caprio for governor, dispute Dodenhoff’s account. They say that Lepizzera acted on his own, and that his overtures went nowhere.

Dodenhoff told The Journal Monday that he explicitly asked Lepizzera if Caprio approved of the approach.

“He said, ‘Frank might want to come over,’ ” recalled Dodenhoff. “I was taken aback. I said, ‘Geez, Frank Caprio a Republican? I don’t know how that’s gonna fly.’ I asked Mike if this was just him brainstorming … or is this something that Frank knew about, and he said yes. Then I asked if his father, [Providence Municipal Court] Judge [Frank] Caprio, was on board, and I was told yes.”

There is an actual Republican in this race, John Robitiaille, who seems like a decent human being and can be trusted to give us more of what we’ve had with Governor Carcieri. I’ve had enough of that, and enough of Democrats who try to prove that there’s no difference between the parties. I’m voting for Chafee.

I’m Voting for Chafee

I missed his voice of conscience in the Senate, where he was the only Republican to vote against the use of force in Iraq– one of the few who had the political courage to stand against a war of choice that still takes the lives of American soldiers and Iraqui civilians. He served a term as mayor of Warwick, and did a decent job. And it’s a good idea to have an independent voice.

And today, there’s this…

Obama is scheduled to visit Rhode Island on Monday, but according to The Providence Journal, won’t be endorsing anyone.
Fellow Democrat Frank Caprio tells WPRO-AM that Obama can “take his endorsement and shove it.”

Chafee has not run the best campaign, and I’ve been frustrated about that, because I think he’s the best candidate. Caprio’s temper tantrum on the air looks bad for him and doesn’t reflect well on the state.

I first saw this story on Salon. We’re national again, and it’s not even Chris Young this time. Rhode Island’s Future has more…

Caprio was referring to a news report in this morning’s Providence Journal that says that during President Obama’s campaign visit to the State today Caprio will not be receiving the endorsement of the President. Caprio went on to tell Depetro that Obama treats Rhode Island “like an ATM machine” and was critical of Mr. Obama’s decision not to visit the State during the flooding on 2009, comparing his disfavorably to Republican President George Bush, who is Caprio’s eyes, at least did a “fly over” after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005.

re: Rhode Island’s Katrina– I didn’t recall anyone dying in the floods last spring, forgive me if I’m wrong on that. It was certainly severe for the areas that got the worst of it.
Rhode Island got $111 million in federal aid–

Would a visit by the president have pumped out the basements faster?

Oh God, it’s even on CNN.

You won’t see many links to Anchor Rising on this site, but here’s a post about a rumored approach to the GOP by Caprio’s campaign early this year.

Enough With the Politics

It’s time to talk about something really important.

Dominique Browning, in an essay in today’s New York Times asks the question on all of our minds– ‘Why Can’t Middle-aged Women Have Long Hair?’

Long hair is not the appropriate choice of grown-ups. It says rebellion. Hillary Rodham Clinton softens her do, and sets off a bizarre Howl of Angry Inches, as if she had betrayed some social compact. Well, my long hair is indeed a declaration of independence. I am rebelling, variously, against Procter & Gamble, my mother, Condé Nast and, undoubtedly, corporate America in general. Whereas it used to be short hair that was a hallmark of being a liberated woman — remember the feminist chop? I do; I did it — these days, long hair is a mark of liberation.

Well, she and I are the same age, 55. Years ago I stopped coloring my grey hair (see earlier post Naturally Grey ), but I like it long. I also like it wavy, and Purple City Hair Salon took care of what Nature didn’t.

Another woman of this uncertain age covers the cutting edge of hair issues for women of color. Debra J. Dickerson at Slate’s XX defends her right to go short and natural in ‘Fried, Dyed and Laid to the Side’–

However we feel about our bodies, black women, as a group, simply torture ourselves over our hair. “Fried, dyed, and laid to the side,” is how a jingle I’ve heard all my life goes in sardonically describing this battle. Black women forego sex and exercise to maintain those expensive, time-stealing and often unattractive hair styles. Lye, ladies. Yes, lye (i.e., “relaxers”) and red hot pressing combs forged in open flame:That’s what most black women have endured since kindergarten or so. I freed myself from all that at age 32 and have been mostly “happy nappy” ever since, with what I like to call my “Malcolm Gladwell meets Sideshow Bob” hair. But most sisters wait until 55 or so to make this painful journey.

Who are we trying to please? If we’re okay with ourselves and our partners, what’s left to worry about? It’s nothing but heartbreak and futility to try to please men, but relatively easy to please a man you know well. And don’t even think about pleasing women– we are the most merciless judges since the Puritans looked for witch marks. We buy magazines that tell us which parts of our bodies we’re supposed to hate. I decided long ago to just please myself. I’m happier since I gave up Glamour for Scientific American. And I use the time and money I used to spend on hair color furthering my dream of world domination.

Save Those Coats

If you love crowds and standing in long lines while spending money on stuff you’re not sure will make anyone happy while listening to singing chipmunks, then don’t read this post. Go to the Provicence Place Mall the day after Thanksgiving.

But if you’re a dour curmudgeon, or just contrary, November 26 is Buy Nothing Day. Right across the street, on the State House lawn, is the 14th annual Winter Coat Exchange. (in case of rain, St. John’s Cathedral will host). Bring a coat you don’t need, or get one you do need. Link to the event is here.

There are other coat exchanges around town, I’ll list them as I find out about them.

A Conscious Ignorance

I have grown weary of paying heed to a heedless world. Weary of daily examining the endless tragedy, corruption, greed, degradation, misery, and injustice that passes for news these days. Weary of watching and listening while others simply turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Weary of caring more for humankind than it cares for itself. Why should I?

A flower that turns away from the light cannot fully blossom. My spirit has shriveled with the darkness. I yearn to escape the shadows. Is that so wrong?

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that “there are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant.” At this moment, I wish to be ignorant of the world’s myriad troubles and of the fools and tyrants that enable such. Knowledge is not power here. It is spiritually corrosive. It is painful and distressing. A conscious ignorance is the anodyne.

For the time being, I choose to pay no heed to the world at large. I will no longer allow the current of current events to drag me down. I will not read the New York Times, listen to NPR, watch newscasts or even the Daily Show, respond to mailed and e-mailed pleas for support from various groups and causes, or otherwise make an effort to remain informed. Strife and suffering will go on whether I tune in or tune out. What will change if I bear witness?

I will leave it to others to fight the good fight, rail against injustice, expose deceit and hypocrisy, and tilt against windmills. I can devote myself to less taxing pursuits. There are other things I can do and say and focus upon. I can write poetry and prose instead of diatribes and opinion pieces. I can take a different path, one that is less toxic and more affirming to my spirit.

It will not be easy. I have grown unhealthily accustomed–perhaps even addicted–to a diet I can no longer stomach, one that never truly fed me in the first place. I hunger for something more nourishing.

Do you understand?

Adieu, for now.

Faith in Technology

We’ll never evolve enough to become infallible. I hope we can one day evolve enough to achieve nuclear disarmament. Mistakes happen…

A British nuclear-powered submarine described as the “world’s most advanced” that ran aground off the coast of Scotland has been towed free, Sky News reported.
The HMS Astute — the Royal Navy’s newest and largest attack submarine — was floated free at high tide Friday with the help of three support vesels, according to Sky News.
The sub ran into trouble Friday morning in shallow waters near a road bridge linking the Isle of Skye to the mainland when the vesel’s rudder apparently became stuck on a shingle bank, according to British media reports.
..In a statement, the defense ministry said the accident was not a nuclear incident and that no injuries had been reported.