Let’s All Go Back to Using Baby Shampoo and Lotion

The Environment Minister of Denmark has created legislation to ban certain chemicals which are believed to cause disruption to the endocrine system. A small blurb here — there will likely be more news about this once it hits the mainstream publications. It sounds like a good idea for anyone concerned about endocrine disruptors to try out using baby shampoo and lotion from Denmark, if they are able to make them propyl and butyl paraben-free — it may be a good way to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.

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2 responses

  1. Doctor Bronner’s Soap is fun if you want a nostalgia trip. You can use it for shampoo, body wash and toothpaste if you want. Too expensive for dishes, though.
    I’ve used dishwashing detergent on my hair when I was broke and I didn’t go bald.
    There’s probably a huge vat somewhere full of green ooze going into different labeled bottles.

  2. I had a drill instructor who made us drink Wisk if we addressed him as “you”.it had an unforgettable taste.

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