Brooks’ Hair Sends Tangled Message

I bust my brain writing insightful and original commentary, and except for you few loyal readers I get hardly any hits– until this week. I wrote that Rebekah Brooks has really good hair and I’m off the charts (compared to my average, that is.)

I take hair very seriously, so I noticed right away that Brooks has hair any sane woman would envy. I hope she gets to style it in jail with a cheap plastic comb for the next several years but that’s unlikely.

Robin Givhan at the Daily Beast decodes the secret subliminal message in Rebekah Brooks’ unrestrained flaming red locks.

Defiance, and a refusal to go corporate. Good camouflage for the ultimate corporate tool.

Another timely distract was a pie-throwing fool, slapped down by Rupert Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng– AKA Tiger Wife. Check out Wendi Deng on Wikipedia. She had a history of hostile takeover of a long-term marriage before supplanting Murdoch’s second wife of thirty-two years. Ain’t love grand.

I don’t think the pie incident was orchestrated. If I saw someone throw something at an old guy, I’d smack them too. Murdoch’s still evil. And stupid, malicious stunts like that only gain him sympathy.

The whole performance has been good for business…

Shares in News Corporation have recovered ground after Rupert and James Murdoch’s appearance in front of a committee of British MPs.

News Corp shares closed up 5.5% in New York and rose 5.1% in Sydney.

They seem confident that the public will have forgotten in fifteen minutes, and that’s probably a safe assumption.

The deeper question is not whether a family or corporation will engage in corruption. The answer is always, ‘yes’. Entropy is a law of nature.

The deeper question is whether a free press can survive in political systems that allow a ‘media empire’ such as News Corp to dominate, acquire and brand all the diverse news outlets. The collaboration between News Corp and politicians, the reciprocity and tinkering with the law are the scandal behind the scandal. But it’s hard, and also depressing to untangle the lies and manipulations. Easier to understand and be outraged by the phone hacking of a murdered child. A flaming red distraction from the greater harm.

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6 responses

  1. >I bust my brain writing insightful and original commentary, and except for you few loyal readers I get hardly any hits– until this week. I wrote that Rebekah Brooks has really good hair and I’m off the charts (compared to my average, that is.)

    I could have written this myself – when i wrote on my blog about perfectionism in the Tiger Mom and King’s Speech, my hits also skyrocketed over my “insightful and original commentary.”

    However, you have at least one new reader and commenter now. :-)

    1. thanks for stopping by. you may want to revise Tiger Mom and write about Tiger Wife. Wife #2 is closer to Rupert’s age, and probably doesn’t have the reflexes.

  2. Good for Wendy Deng!!Those pie throwers need their asses kicked now and then.
    I recall the idiots who tried to pie David Horowitz at Brown.They were put off by the truth.
    These places that that promote themselves as a venue for an open exchange of ideas really aren’t.

    1. I almost suspected that Mr.Pie was working for News Corp.– he was so effective at making Murdoch look sympathetic. I don’t like that kind of thing, it’s threatening and mean. Throwing something at someone famous shows a hole in security, and that’s not good.

      1. You’re right Nancy-throwing things at people like that,especially nowadays isn’t funny.
        It might not always be a shaving cream pie.
        BTW,Wendy(Deng)Murdoch is a wealthy person in her own right and they have a 6 and 9 year old together-doesn’t sound like a gold digger at all.
        Who was that gross bimbo who married a real old guy and then OD’d before she could collect after he died?It was tabloid fodder for months.I guess I’m developing trash news amnesia.
        Back in Brooklyn there was a “throw”weapon that was deadly serious-a lye and vaseline mixture in a plastic bag or jar.You couldn’t get it off.
        A friend of mine on the police force was inadvertantly hit in the face with one trying to break up a dispute.He was disfigured for life,but thankfully didn’t lose an eye.

  3. Sorry, she still looks like Sideshow Bob.

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