Cranston Community Protects Education from Corporate Take-Over

And it wasn’t even close.  The Board of Regents voted 7-1 to reject the proposed Achievement First Mayoral Academies proposal.  Projo blog has the details here.

The politicians lined up one after another to consent to this proposal:  Allan Fung, House Speaker Gordon Fox, various members of the Providence City Council and members of the General Assembly, and then Mayor Taveras and his appointed school committee. From the standpoint of a Cranston resident and parent, it felt like the cards were being stacked against us, one after another.  As it turns out, we were on the right track, and the Board of Regents almost unanimously supported our assessment of this proposal.

Congrats to all who helped make this happen!

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    It was starting to feel pretty grim for a while there, wasn’t it? I almost gave up on even going to the Regents meeting. Now I’m so glad I did!

  2. Go, girl! You called that one right.

  3. It’s Taveras-Tavares is the Portugese spelling.
    Very surprising-I’d have guessed it would be closer given the bipartisan support from politicians.
    How many Regents Board members are Chafee appointees?None,some,all?I don’t have a clue.
    My grandaughter started kindergarten(all day0in the same classroom as her dad-she is thrilled at being in school-my wife had “pre-school” all this year for her.

    1. Thanks, Joe! I usually do spell his name right, but the brain was kind of worn out last night.

  4. This article from the Miami Herald via Governing Magazine.

    Somehow I don’t see this happening in Waterman or Dutemple.

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