Voting for Koch Brothers

With your dollar, or not. Daily Kos has a list of Koch Brothers products to boycott–at the link here.

Most of this list is upscale paper– napkins, paper towels– the more expensive kind I usually skip past in the supermarket.

If you are ecologically inclined, you’ve been looking for ways to use less paper anyway. I don’t trust that the above list is more than partial. Corporations are networks of smaller businesses and you have to be an MBA to decipher a big one.

Re-use is a step above recycling. I have a bin full of newsprint and junk mail. I use it instead of paper towels sometimes. Any ideas on conservation and Koch Bros. frustration?

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2 responses

  1. Koch Industries is just one more reason to dislike Kansas.
    BTK, Sam Brownback, Westboro Baptist…on and on.
    We seem to have most of the top wingnuts right now.

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