A great post on what stand-up comedy is all about (and it’s funny, too!)

Harley May

I did standup again and friends, it wasn’t pretty. It stunk. Bottom line – I just didn’t prepare enough. Got through my first little joke just fine, then I fumbled over a few words, and couldn’t remember what came next right away. Doing that in front of a full room scared me and knocked me back. I stood there a good ten seconds. What comes next? Should I walk off stage before I start crying? Don’t throw up. This is very unprofessional.

I finally started back up, but didn’t recover my former confidence and delivered a scared performance. I am a funny person and am confident in that. I’m just not a great performer. Not yet. I cannot end on this note and will absolutely do it again to redeem myself. Fear and failure won’t make me quit.

In hindsight, I don’t have the head space to do one gig a month. While I did my first one a month ago, I…

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Kmareka Named Top 10 Clinical Social Work Blog

Some good news for a Friday morning — we rank!  We’ve been ranked in the top 10 and here’s the rater’s comment:

“With the aim of bringing overlooked and neglected news and views to their readers, social worker Kiersten and nurse Ninjanurse, blog on “Kmareka” with wit, wisdom, and a dash of humor and lightheartedness. Together, Kiersten and Ninjanurse bring together news and stories on health, the environment, the economy, and social issues as well as their thoughts and opinions based on years of professional experiences.”

Nice, huh?  It’s always good to get a little positive feedback.  Here’s our badge:

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chart poor ladder

The poor are finding it even tougher to escape from the lowest income ranks these days.

Most of those in the poorest income quintile spent all or nearly all of the period between 1996 and 2006 stuck in place, according to a new report issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Those who did advance didn’t move far.

The research, conducted by senior economist Katharine Bradbury, shows that economic mobility has also slowed in recent decades. Those in the poorest fifth of the income pie were more likely to stay there between 1996 and 2006 than they were in the previous two 10-year periods.

“Most of the long-term poor are stuck at the bottom, most of the long-term rich have a strong grip on the top, and each of these two groups is somewhat more entrenched than the corresponding groups 20 years earlier,” she wrote.

The spread between the…

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S. Korea curbs U.S. beef sales after confirmation of mad cow disease – CNN.com

Maybe it’s a sign from above that we should all just stop eating beef.  For what it’s worth, eating beef is also associated with higher rates of several cancers including pancreatic and breast cancer, and many other of the reproductive cancers.  Eating hamburger also may involve eating pink slime.  So all in all, I’d say it’s been a bad year for beef, and perhaps it will go on to be a bad decade for beef.  Those of us hoping to take steps to improve our health can only hope.  From CNN.com:  S. Korea curbs U.S. beef sales after confirmation of mad cow disease.

John Pennington from San Fransisco gives us a good tutorial on how to distinguish the problematic rich from the OK rich.

Class War In America

Michael Moore made a bundle from his first documentary, “Roger and Me”, putting him firmly in “The 1%”.

Automatically evil, right? Not at all. He tells about talking with some factory workers who asked him how much he made on the film. He told them three million, and they burst into applause, and were especially impressed by how he spent the money to help his family and people who were important to him. These factory workers knew he hadn’t turned into someone who wanted to take money from them.

Michael Moore took home $3M
and didn’t become evil.

I live in San Francisco, which has very high per capita income (not from me!), and I live in a particularly rich neighborhood, where almost every house goes for over a million, and some for much more. A lot of the newly rich around here came by their money in some branch…

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