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Thanks so much for all the requests!  It is fun to hear from people all over the world, and the response from readers so far has been overwhelmingly positive!

It has been an amazing journey creating this book, and I am very excited about its publication and the potential it has to help children become more aware of themselves and able to guide their own lives in a healthy direction.

The PDF will be available for free until June 7th.  After that, my book will be published and will be available online and through bookstores.  A PDF ebook will be available as well.  My email is kiersten.marek@gmail.com if you want to request the PDF.

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  1. I want the e-edition. I just downloaded Freud, Jung and Robert Thurman’s translation of the Tibetan Book. I’m in the right place to read your book.

    • I sent you the PDF through Facebook — I was doing a bunch of people that way….hopefully it is there in your FB mail. If not I will email it to you.

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