Interview with Sheldon Whitehouse at Netroots Nation 2012

Short interview with Sen. Whitehouse in which he extolls the virtues of Netroots Nation, appreciates the value of the Occupy Movement, and talks about his efforts to keep funding for wellness and health. He also talks about his phone conversation with President Obama following the Buffet Rule vote in the Senate, and how the fight is not over to change our tax policies to support the middle class.

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3 responses

  1. It was great to hear him say that $1 spent on wellness saves over $5 treating illness. I’m in the wellness biz, and have a sense of mission about that.

    1. Kiersten Marek | Reply

      Yes, it would be so foolish to eliminate funding for wellness….I hope your projects in promoting wellness give good results. It could be a model for others.

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