Cool Hurricane Maps

John Maeda from RISD posted a good graphical map on Twitter ESRI.COM disaster response. ESRI is a web mapping service.

The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has graphics and updates every six hours. All the commercial weather forecasters depend on NOAA.

Here’s the City of Providence hurricane news.

Youse all stay home and stay dry. If you didn’t already buy bread and milk, just settle for cake and champagne– good by candlelight.

Time for some healing tea…

Holistic Woman

Every morning when I wake up, one of the first things I think about is what kind of tea I want. I know many people think of coffee first thing, but I already wake up with my mind buzzing full speed ahead at 6:00am and coffee on top of that sets my nerves on edge. Nowadays, as I head full throttle into the menopausal years, I avoid green tea too. The caffeine is too much and I can’t sleep well if I’ve had any. So as the sun rises, and sometimes before it appears, I make tea from various herbs (or fruit or roots) to appease my spirit and begin the day. Here are a few of my favorites along with some of their health benefits.

Fresh Ginger ~ settles the stomach and is being researched as a cancer preventative. Use a piece about an inch long from raw ginger…

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Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth –

Stare this ugly fact right in the face — we are killing our country with income inequality.  It’s a significant factor in the stunting of American economic growth.  If Mitt Romney gets elected, income inequality will get even worse, and our economy will become even more stratified and vulnerable.

Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth –

Binders Full of Women Now Voting for Obama

I’m glad someone brought in some binders full of women for Mitt Romney to review for his cabinet as Governor. Otherwise, how would he know how to reach out to this foreign constituency?

And on another note, Ninjanurse details Romney’s new stance on pro-choice issues: