3 thoughts on “Connecticut school shooting: Activists rally for gun control at W.H. – POLITICO.com

  1. “Now is the time”-that phrase is circulating all over various left wing/gun grabber circles-it must have been right from some Soros operation-Center for American Progess or moveon.org-assuming people won’t look beyond what is used as a catchphrase is something a lot of you liberals do-you think you’re the smartest people in the room-wrong

    • For me, it was just my immediate response when someone on the Obama team said “now is not the time” to discuss guns on the day of the shooting. I think a lot of us had the same reaction.

  2. i’ll take your word for it and at the time I really didn’t think about it but I have heard the exact phrase a lot recently and also ‘window of opportunity”.BTW I have serious reservations about the NRA of which I am a member because I cannot understand why they would oppose universal background checks.OTOH I resent David Cicilline and Seth Yurdin lying through their teeth-one can not buy ammunition anonymously online as you need a credit card and an actual address,not a mailbox.And yurdin spouted an insane number of “Children”killed by firearms over the last 4 decades-he apparently was using figures including anyone under 20.There’s a vast difference between an MS13 gangbanger or doper and a child in a classroom.More little children are killed each year by abuse in the home than by guns-you should know that as a social worker.

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