About Kmareka

We’re a nurse and a social worker who just keep blogging.  Why?  The usual reasons — to bring news to the world that is not getting covered sufficiently in the mainstream press, to sound off on the issues that are near and dear to our liberal hearts, and to rant and rave when necessary.

As the social worker of the duo (Kiersten), I have been blogging on local politics, environmental issues, and all things related to social work for over 10 years. I now mostly aggregate good stories I find on health, environmental safety, education, corporate influence, the economy, and social justice. Occasionally I might also reblog a good-looking recipe, a post related to creative writing and literature, or a piece of humor.

The nurse of the duo (Ninjanurse) has been the more regular contributor of original writing, with some of the best local coverage of the Occupy Providence movement this past year, and a devotion to off-the-beaten-track stories such as “Whatever Happened to Lia Lee?” and coverage of the Fukishima nuclear accident in 2011.  Recently, Ninjanurse got sucked back into the full-time working world, so we don’t know how much she will be able to blog.  In any case, we keep blogging here at Kmareka because somewhere out there in the universe, someone wants to know more about the things we’re talking about.  Maybe that someone is you.

7 thoughts on “About Kmareka

  1. Hi Ninja Nurse,
    My 3 college roommates and I just returned from the bedside of our dying roommate, who was diagnosed with small cell neuro-endocrine cancer in October 2011. It is a painful & agonizing death and now it is only a matter of time.

    We all wondered how this could happen, something so rare & aggressive (and yes, i know, it happens all the time). But as we got to talking, we realized that our dear roommate, who we called “Rhode” (because she was born & lived her whole life in Rhode Island) had actually been a guard of some sort at a nuclear facility in Rhode Island (and when I looked it up, there’s only one in RI & it’s very near her house so I’m assuming that may have been the one).

    There was more than a little speculation amongst some relatives that her time spent as this facility could have exposed her to something. I wouldn’t even know where to begin but if I can be her Erin Brockovich, I will.

    It sounds like you’re from that area … have you ever heard or come across anything like this – I believe she may have worked there in the late 80’s/early 90’s.


    • wow, Laurie, thanks for stopping by. I’m so sorry for your roomate– this is so unfair. The United Nuclear waste reprocessing plant operated in the 1960’s. The source for my posts on it came from The Providence Journal and Yankee Magazine. The only other facility I know of is at URI. Are you able to say where your roomate worked?

  2. Hi Kirsten!

    I always LOVE getting your very interesting, inspiring and informative posts….so I nominated you for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”! I posted a link to your site from my blog so people can find you. You can grab the icon at my site and find directions about what to do next (if you choose to participate.) In any event, please keep up the good works. Peace!

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