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Re-elect David Cicilline

Just one reason to vote for Congressman Cicilline…

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. But tomorrow, House Republicans will vote yet again to repeal health care reform. Speaker Boehner has said that health care reform needs to be “ripped out by its roots” and Mitt Romney has vowed to overturn it “day one” if he is elected. David’s Republican opponent is marching in lock step with party leadership, saying that health care reform needs to be repealed and that he would vote to do so.

Repealing health care would mean that insurance companies can continue to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions, that millions of seniors will the see costs of their prescription drugs go up, that many women will still be charged more than men for the same coverage, that young people under the age of 26 will no longer be able to get insurance under their parents’ plans and that insurance companies keep imposing lifetime coverage caps on people with chronic conditions.

And from Karina Wood…

David is an intelligent, skilled and tenacious legislator, who is fighting to defend women’s reproductive rights and equal pay for equal work, he sponsored the Made in America bill to create new manufacturing jobs in RI, he’s working to pass the Buffett Rule for fair taxation and a bill to prevent former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, and much more. He has consistently stood up for gun control when most politicians have been too cowardly to oppose the NRA. I’m voting for David on Tuesday, and I hope those of you who can will vote for him too. The stakes are far too high not to.

Do it for Salman Rushdie

Author Kevin Sessums says Salman Rushdie tweeted him that he can’t vote for Barack Obama, but we can. Yes we can. Don’t worry world, we’ve got it covered.

Vote for Us or We’ll Shut You Down

I’m surprised that Mitt Romney never heard the expression, “Living well is the best revenge.” Maybe when you’re born rich and just get richer you never enjoy the satisfaction of surprising your critics by doing better than you were ‘supposed’ to. Poor Mr. Romney, deprived of this character-building experience.

But the terror of all the excluded people rising up with vengeance in their eyes and–gods forbid–voting, has moved the Republican party to a steady effort to make it more difficult to exercise this right of citizenship.

the rest of Ninjanurse’ rant is here.

‘Nuff Said

Poll Addicts Go Cold Turkey

Remember the infamous ‘Heidi Bowl’ of 1968? When football fans went into seizures in their living rooms as the last crucial seconds of the historic Raiders vs Jets game were cut off for a special presentation of ‘Heidi’. Well, not to compare a devastating hurricane to a missed football game, but I can feel the pain of information withdrawal.
Gallup poll suspended after Hurricane Sandy…

“As a pollster right now I couldn’t poll from Virginia up to New Hampshire, it would be a total blackout,” he said. “All of New England is off the board, so you’re going into this last weekend basically not knowing,” he said.

Problems caused by Sandy add more uncertainty to polls that have already vexed voters and campaign insiders with their seemingly contradictory signals.

As they say, polls don’t win elections and blogging is not campaigning. Time to get active and get out the vote.

Birth Control vs Woman Control | Emancipation Conversation

Ninjanurse sounds off on the difference between birth control and woman control.

Birth Control vs Woman Control | Emancipation Conversation.

Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth –

Stare this ugly fact right in the face — we are killing our country with income inequality.  It’s a significant factor in the stunting of American economic growth.  If Mitt Romney gets elected, income inequality will get even worse, and our economy will become even more stratified and vulnerable.

Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth –

Binders Full of Women Now Voting for Obama

I’m glad someone brought in some binders full of women for Mitt Romney to review for his cabinet as Governor. Otherwise, how would he know how to reach out to this foreign constituency?

And on another note, Ninjanurse details Romney’s new stance on pro-choice issues:

Rosie Perez Sets Mitt Straight about the Latino Vote

Why Obama Now — from the Animator of The Simpsons and Family Guy

I see the headlines — how Romney is supposedly gaining in the polls, and I want to tell people to watch this video and listen to the voice of your President, and understand that he is the only one who will keep us on a course that will sustain what we have left of the middle class.


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