Interview with Sheldon Whitehouse at Netroots Nation Upcoming on Kmareka

Netroots Nation is going fabulously. I am talking with Sheldon Whitehouse’s office and will be doing a short interview with him while he is at Netroots. If you have any questions you want me to ask, please suggest them in the comments. Keep it short and polite!

I attended a panel this morning entitled “Beyond Occupy: What Does a New Economic System Look Like?” The answers included an economy focused on happiness rather than growth. This idea was suggested by Colin Mutchler, who likened America’s devotion to “growth, growth, growth” to the formation of cancer. Others on the panel were more inclined to answer that the new economy needs to focus on job growth and recognizing and valuing work that is currently undervalued or not valued at all, such as caring for the elderly and small children. The panel leader, Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, suggested that we need to begin developing “Progressive Capitalism” so that as progressives we are not dismissed as being anti-capitalist, since many of us are not.

Beyond Occupy Panel at NN12

Had lunch sponsored by Windmade, a consortium of wind, environment, and business organizations. The message there was about how to respond to the misinformation anti-wind campaigns out there. We have written about the increase in wind power here on Kmareka, and we have had comments from some anti-winders, so this was good to know about. I will begin aggregating news about the wind industry and doing more to respond to the anti-wind rhetoric.

Programming Note: Ads on Kmareka

Dick Van Dyke did it for Kent Cigarettes and Cheer Detergent, and Kmareka has decided it, too, will do some advertising.  Without advertising it will be increasingly hard to keep Kmareka viable.  With advertising, we plan to grow the site and make it do more of what it already does — call attention to underreported, neglected, and marginalized issues in the media, and allow for thoughtful conversation on topics related to health and health care, social justice, corporate influence, income inequality, nutrition, the environment, and last but not least, humor. We hope the ads are not too intrusive, and that the income generated will be good for the site overall.

And in case you want to go for a little ride in the Way Back machine, check this out:  Cigarette Commercial late 1960’s Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore – YouTube.

Support Elizabeth Warren for US Senate, and Send Kiersten to Netroots Nation!

‘Tis the season to get all political. So I’ve decided to devote what little optimism I have for US politics to helping Elizabeth Warren get elected. I am running a fan fundraiser page for Elizabeth Warren for all the obvious reasons: she is a class act with tons of great experience, she is a progressive whose opinions I share on most issues, and her presence will not only raise the IQ in the US Senate, but will also raise the GQ (Gender-equality quotient). On top of that, if I can bring in enough supporters through, I might win a free pass to Netroots Nation, taking place here in Providence in June. Size of donation does not matter, only number of supporters I am able to rally to support her. So please, support Elizabeth Warren and perhaps we will all win. Kiersten Marek’s Rally Page for Elizabeth Warren.

Kmareka Named Top 10 Clinical Social Work Blog

Some good news for a Friday morning — we rank!  We’ve been ranked in the top 10 and here’s the rater’s comment:

“With the aim of bringing overlooked and neglected news and views to their readers, social worker Kiersten and nurse Ninjanurse, blog on “Kmareka” with wit, wisdom, and a dash of humor and lightheartedness. Together, Kiersten and Ninjanurse bring together news and stories on health, the environment, the economy, and social issues as well as their thoughts and opinions based on years of professional experiences.”

Nice, huh?  It’s always good to get a little positive feedback.  Here’s our badge:

clinical social worker career

Mainstream Media Picks up Oswald Krell Post on Tax Inequality in Rhode Island

If you listen to most politicians in Rhode Island, they will try to tell you that we can’t tax the rich because “they might leave us!” Well, if we had national legislation to tax the rich such as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is proposing, they wouldn’t have anywhere to go. And furthermore, it’s just not true that our neighboring states are tax havens compared to us. From RI FUTURE (still one of the only sources for independent political thought in the state!):

The median state is Mississippi. The poorest 20% pay about 10.8% of their total income in taxes. The top 1%, OTOH, only pay 5.5% of their income.

In other words, the effective tax rate of the bottom 20% is about twice as high as the tax rate for the top%–despite paying no fed taxes.

And how does RI stack up? We’re worse.

Here, the bottom 20% pays about 11.9%, while the top 1% pays 5.5%.

In other words, the bottom 20% pays a rate that is more than twice the rate paid by the top 1%.

And Mass is two spots worse, CT is one spot better, so spare me the “Oh, I could just move to Mass and save all this money” lie. And founder of a certain ‘alternative’ party, I’m looking at you.

This story was picked up by Ted Nesi at WPRI Eyewitness news. You know the local mainstream media isn’t running the way it used to (yes, Projo, I’m looking at you) when we are getting some of our better news analysis from nom de plume bloggers.