I Am in Surgery Today

Kiersten Marek:

Thoughts and prayers (and extra kindness toward others in her honor) today as Diane Ravitch gets her knee replacement.

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

I am getting a total knee replacement today.

But don’t think for a minute you won’t hear from me!

I have written several posts in advance to cover for my absence today and tomorrow.

I will have my iPad in the hospital and in the rehab that follows.

Several people asked if they could send flowers.

In a word, no. If you want to make me happy, send a gift to the Network for Public Education or to your local organization of parents and educators working together to save public schools.

Or, perform an unsolicited act of kindness, to a child, to someone in need. And when you do, send me your love and thoughts.

And, if you are so inclined, I am always grateful for prayers.


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The Adjuncts, United, Will Never be Defeated

I have a soft spot for adjuncts, because more than a few of my friends are in the awkward position of being rich intellectually but poor financially.  What does it say about our priorities when we cannot pay our higher education professionals a living wage?

Adjuncts from more than 20 Boston-area colleges announce plans to unionize – Babson – Your Campus – Boston.com.