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Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market Reopens This Saturday, May 10

From Steve Stycos:

Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market begins its 12th season this Saturday from 9 AM to 12 noon, at Rhodes-on-thePawtuxet, 60 Rhodes Place (just off Broad St) in Cranston.

Just in time for Mothers Day, you will find all kinds of local goodies: veggie and herb starts, fish, spring greens, goat cheese, meat, nuts and peanut butter. We’ll also have market gift certificates available.

And NEW this year: Blue Skys Farm will be offering Small State Seeds, locally grown and packaged seeds from Scratch Farm in Cranston. They are chemical free and suited perfectly to our Rhode Island climate.

Our beginning line up of vendors includes:

Pak Express (produce, eggs, vegetable and herb starts)
PV Farmstand (meat)(Chuck roast London broil shoulder steak and eye of the round steaks all 1/2 price if pre ordered Chicken is frozen. Prices:
Bernie B’s Honey
LeFavorite Bakery (breads, pastries, cookies and other baked goods)
Blue Skys Farm (produce, herb and veggie starts, seeds and herbal products)
The Local Catch (fresh-caught and smoked seafood)
Beltane Farm (goat cheese, yogurt and milk)
gC Farms (produce and eggs)

Coming in the next few weeks:

Presto Strange O Coffee Truck (coffee, tea, and many other beverages, bagged fair trade coffee)

Terry’s Tasty Treasures (pepper jellies and salsas)

Wedgewood Flowers (plants and produce, eggs)

And returning later in the season, when their crops come in:

Rocky Ledge Farm aka Moosup River (blueberries, produce)

Long Entry Farm (produce, artisan breads)

Barden Orchards (peaches, apples, produce)

Returning this season also is an expanded Market Table. This booth is run by the market to bring artisan food products to our customers from local producers. We continue to offer nuts, peanut butter and popcorn from the Virginia and Spanish Peanut Company of Providence, and Rhody Fresh butter and cheese from the RI Dairy Farms Cooperative. We will also be carrying Terry’s Tasty Treasures on the days she is not at the market. Money raised from the market table goes to support this and other efforts to increase our offerings.

Our market accepts credit, debit, EBT/SNAP, WIC and Senior Coupons.

Celebrating Earth Day, Pawtuxet Market Opening Soon

From Steve Stycos:

The Friends of the Pawtuxet River and the West Bay Land Trust will be holding a trail and riverbank clean-up at the former DEM depot at 230 Warwick Ave, (on the Cranston side of the river across from Stop and Shop). The date is this Saturday 4/26 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon. Bring clippers, rakes, gloves or just yourself, for an hour or as long as you can spare. Help keep our riverbank and trail clear and trash-free.

We will also be planting 3 trees (2 sugar maples and a red maple) in the area now abandoned as vehicle storage by DEM. These trees will contribute to the re-naturalization of this portion of the trail and riverbank.

These are family-friendly activities open to folks of all ages and abilities. The trail is maintained by the Friends of the Pawtuxet River, an all-volunteer organization that has advocated for passive recreational use and restoration of the riparian habitat of the river for over 20 years. Maintaining and protecting this valuable natural area in our own backyard is the only way to preserve it for our own enjoyment and that of future generations.

The Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market opens our 12th season on Saturday May 10, the day before Mother’s Day. Come welcome back our farmers and vendors and get some good food and plants.

See you at the market, and the clean-up.

Kathy Hodge Show at The Bert Gallery

Check it out!  We have a Kathy Hodge original!  Bert Gallery

Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage – The Pachamama Alliance | The Pachamama Alliance

I SO wish we could have this problem…

Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage – The Pachamama Alliance | The Pachamama Alliance.

Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library | WebUrbanist

To quote the great Vanessa Query of the blog  “I love libraries. I love the renovating of abandoned albatrosses of buildings. I love Wal-Marts shutting down. Therefore, I love this story.” Me, too, Vanessa! Thanks for the link!

Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library | WebUrbanist.

Kiersten Marek:

Seems like the right thing to do.

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

Responding to growing outrage, Mayor Bloomberg reluctantly canceled the annual marathon scheduled for Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have no power, heat or water.

First responders are still recovering bodies of victims.

The city is not ready to celebrate.

View original

Hurricane Sandy View from Above

From Wired Science your tax dollars at work. NOAA’s GOES 13 satellite image of Hurricane Sandy.

Cool Hurricane Maps

John Maeda from RISD posted a good graphical map on Twitter ESRI.COM disaster response. ESRI is a web mapping service.

The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has graphics and updates every six hours. All the commercial weather forecasters depend on NOAA.

Here’s the City of Providence hurricane news.

Youse all stay home and stay dry. If you didn’t already buy bread and milk, just settle for cake and champagne– good by candlelight.

Climate Change, or Just Rhode Island Weather?

Still Buzzing

Hey, it’s Rhode Island. You never know what to expect. But my Mom’s rhododendrons are on a second bloom, with bees.

Steve Stycos: Update from the Pawtuxet Farmer’s Market

From Steve Stycos:


Saturday, the Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market’s will feature the annual Pumpkin and Paw Paw Festival. Paw paws, a tropical tasting fruit native to the Mid-West will be available for sale from Rhode Island’s exclusive paw paw grower, Warwick’s Rocky Point Blueberry Farm. The fruit is rarely available, so try one.
A bake sale to benefit the local Cub Scouts and hay rides through Pawtuxet Village sponsored by Friends of Pawtuxet Village will also happen during the festival. Tickets for the hay rides may be purchased at Twice Told Tales. Advance ticket purchase is recommended.

Saturday is also the Halloween costume swap at the market. Those who have already turned in costumes may select new items until 11 AM. The swap is open to everyone else after 11 AM.

Finally, Saturday is the last chance to buy chances on the market coupon book containing a five dollar coupon from each market vendor. Proceeds will provide an incentive for SNAP recipients to shop at the market.


October 20, the market will feature a composting demonstration, free electronics recycling and a plant pot collection. The plant pots will be reused by our farmers. If you missed last week’s pot collection, remember to bring them next week.


In an effort to combat global warming, Great Britain plans to phase out the use of peat, according to the New York Times. Use of peat in public parks will be banned in 2015, in backyard gardening in 2020 and in commercial operations in 2030. Supporters of the ban say that peat bogs store more carbon dioxide than rain forests. Although some tout peat as a renewable resource, it takes 100 years for a healthy bog to restore just one half inch of peat.  Most peat in the UK comes from Ireland. American peat primarily comes from Canada.

And yes, someone told me Pamela Anderson starred on the TV show “Bay Watch,” not Christy Brinkley. Oh well,

See you at the market.


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