A mortgage is a terrible investment – The Week

Herding the incomes of the young into deteriorating assets like housing is a dangerous misallocation of capital and investment. Investing heavily in housing means those incomes are not being invested in productive opportunities in other sectors of the economy, whether that is investment in the stocks of other companies, or individuals starting their own businesses.

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The Perils of Out-of-Pocket Health Costs – WSJ.com

The good news:  once Obamacare kicks in, out of pocket health costs will be capped at about 6 K for individuals and 12 K for families.  The bad news:  you could still end up in bankrupcty if you don’t have that kind of money.  But I believe most hospitals and health care providers can put you on an extended payment plan.

The Perils of Out-of-Pocket Health Costs – WSJ.com.

The Insane World of Health Care Pricing

The money-shot quote from this article:

Francois de Brantes, executive director at the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, said high-deductible plans are exerting a Trojan horse effect, “awakening the general public and individual plan members to the absolutely insane way in which health care prices are being set today and in which health care services are being paid for today.”

via The Pulse on Health Care Pricing | 2013-09-15 | Workforce.com.