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Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year

Let’s just cut to the chase: is the American dream affordable, and if not, what changes need to be made to this equation to make it affordable?

Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year.

Methinks It’s Time for a Market Correction

I’m one of those people who gets nervous when the market hits new highs amidst what looks like a deteriorating economy for the middle class…but I’ll try not to be a Debbie Downer so, “Happy New Record for the Dow Day!”

Dow Power! Iconic stock gauge tops 17,000 for 1st time | Americas Markets.

Perception is Something People Care About — Chafee Caves to Angus Davis

Angus Davis feels better, so I guess everything is right and good in the fiefdom of downtown Providence.  Lame duck Governor Chafee is not feeling like having a big fight, so Angus will get his way.  As the new corporate zoning Czar for the city, I wonder if Mr. Davis would consider helping to rehabilitate the poor and downtrodden, rather than just exiling them from his high tech encampment.

Read more from Natasha Lennard at Salon.  

Kayaks on the River

View from Providence Place Mall

View from Waterplace

This weekend I was invited to kayak on the Narrow River in Narragansett. If even I can do this without drowning it’s truly a day at the beach. We saw herons, gulls, crabs and minnows, grass and speedboats and surfboard type things that people were riding. Next time I’ll try one of those.

Walking home from work today I saw the kayaks of the inner city, first saw them by the railroad tracks under Providence Place Mall. I think that was the Woonasquatucket River, flowing from the green fields of Olneyville. That looks like fun.

More Stimulus Needed to Employ College, High School Grads

This editorial from the New York Times lays it out plain and simple: until we invest more in creating jobs through the government, our economy is going to be weak. College graduates need a place to get a job, and we need to create the jobs with the government’s help.

The Class of 2012 –

And what about high school graduates? They also could use some more employment options. This study out of Rutgers University finds that only one in three high school graduates are employed today.


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