What is the Knight Foundation’s Vision for Urban Renewal? We Just Got More Hints – Workforce | Labor | Grants – Inside Philanthropy

The Knight Foundation took another step forward in its work to bolster U.S. cities recently, by identifying 126 finalists in its Cities Challenge. All 26 of Knight’s communities of focus for the challenge are represented in the pool of finalists and the winners will divvy up $5 million in funding.

Over 7,000 ideas were submitted for the challenge, coming from public and government organizations, design experts, urban planning organizations, and individual citizens.

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Our Top Philanthropy Obsessions in 2015 – Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence

As the New Year gets underway, we could conjure up a list of “top trends” in philanthropy for 2015 or make a bunch of predictions that we would probably regret twelve months from now, along with all the junk we ate over the holidays.

But we’re going to skip such exercises and instead offer up a quick tour of the obsessions, favorite causes, and pet peeves that we’ll be indulging this year. If you’re still wondering what the agenda is at Inside Philanthropy, you’ve clicked on the right post.

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Who’s Empowering Wonks to Fuel Economic Growth in American Cities? – Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence

Bloomberg Philanthropies made our list of most interesting foundations in 2014 because of its wide range of huge gifts, signaling ways the foundation may be forging new giving paths in Michael Bloomberg’s first year outside of the mayor’s office. But there’s one interesting initiative at BP we haven’t talked about much, one that’s been getting big funding and spreading to new areas: Bloomberg’s Innovation Teams.

This initiative is mainly associated with Mike Bloomberg’s wonky obsession with making government more efficient. But it also offers insights into how one of America’s top funders aims to foster economic growth and job creation in U.S. cities, a challenge which has cofounded many foundations and yet is attracting new energy amid a growing focus on urban renewal.

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Behind the Knight Foundation’s Push to Revive Akron – Workforce Grants – Inside Philanthropy

Four decades after de-industrialization began in the 1970s, reviving jobs and opportunity in battered manufacturing cities across the U.S. remains a daunting challenge.

Various foundations have come at this problem from different angles over the years, and one funder that’s especially focused here these days is the Knight Foundation. In September, the foundation announced a new $5 million Knight Cities Challenge, seeking ideas to make cities more successful, with a particular eye on attracting and retaining talented people, and creating economic opportunity.

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What Has Michael J. Hanley Been Doing for Fair and Sustainable Housing? – Housing – Inside Philanthropy

When it comes to the big names in housing and particularly sustainable housing for the underserved community, one man stands out from the crowd fairly quickly. Michael J. Hanley, President of the Hanley Foundation, has been working for more sustainable housing, and housing for those in need, for over 15 years.

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Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market News and Local Voting Information Links

News from the Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market:

Despite the predicted wet weather AGAIN, the market will be open for business. Your farmers work to grow your food in all kinds of weather, and they appreciate your return of the favor. Thanks, loyal market community!

And we are halfway to our goal of $600 for our Bonus Bucks fundraiser. Raffle ticket sales will continue for the next 3 weeks; prizes are coupon books with a $5 discount from each of our 14 vendors, Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 at the Market Welcome table.

A series of 4 programs for beginning gardeners begins on Thursday November 6 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at the William Hall Library on Broad St. in Cranston. URI Master Gardener Bill Baddeley offers this description:
Gardening for Beginners, I. This class will meet four times over the coming year, each preparing for the season ahead. The first class will cover basic gardening and preparation for a garden bed, container, or community garden plot to be planted in Spring. We’ll cover what you need to get started, give you an introduction to the Seed Library and seed saving, and provide a
bibliography and resources for answering questions as they arise.

This is a great opportunity to get ready to start your home or community garden plot in the spring, and keep it producing during the season. The program is free and open to the public.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday! Of particular interest to those of us concerned about the environment and the future of farming is Question 7 http://www.voteyeson7.org/ . Cranston residents will be voting on Question 10, which concerns funding to repair the libraries http://www.cranstonlibrary.org/bond-2014. Other statewide bond measures concern the arts (5), education (4), and public transportation (6). Do your research and make your decision, then go and make your voice heard at the polls.

See you at the market.

Saucy Salsas, Odd Fellows, and Turkey Talk at Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market

News from the Market:

Enjoy the all-too-temporary silence at dinner time as the robocalls, avalanches of campaign literature and candidate door-knockers come to a brief halt after the primary. Celebrate by treating yourself to some seafood. boar sausage, chicken, goat cheese, fresh apples, a pie and, of course, a dazzling array of wonderful veggies.

Terry’s Tasty Treasures will be offering samples this week. They’ll have their usual preserves, along with green tomato salsa, sweet red pepper relish and cucumber dill relish.

Looking for something new and different? Blue Skys has a variety of the unusual and weird: cippolini onions, orange and padrone peppers, blue potatoes and others. Ask Christina and Kim for serving suggestions. Most of our farmers have out-of-the-ordinary and heirloom varieties you won’t see at most grocery stores. Dare to be different!
Tomatoes, peppers and corn won’t last much longer, so get them now.

gC Farms has their own pickles for sale this week, prepared by Harvest Kitchen from their cucumbers. They also have some awesome gourds.

PV Farmstand is taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas geese; a limited amount are available and a $40 deposit is required. He also has frozen free-range chickens; please pre-order (go to his website for e-mail info). You can also pre-order your fish from The Local Catch for pick-up at the market.

See you at the market.