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The desire to be a journalist — to tell the stories that inspire feeling and change lives — usually kicks in fairly early in life. Many of us discover in high school that a source of great meaning and gratification comes from being able to communicate with others through writing or another form of media.

Which foundations support youth journalism in its many current incarnations, which now include blogging, videography, Youtubing and podcasting? Which foundations should grant seekers for youth turn to if they want to do the work of cultivating media and journalism for young minds?

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Because they Deserve It

So while it’s not rational to be disgusted with an entire country because of the actions of a few, I couldn’t resist posting this clip.

Two Australian radio shock jocks decided to hound Kate Middleton while she was sick in the hospital. In the process they tricked a nurse into breaching confidentiality for her patient, and then broadcast the results. This was a huge disgrace for the nurse. Whatever other issues she might have had in her life, it’s almost certain the cruel joke triggered her suicide.

Australian radio is a huge part of their media, and international corporations are monopolizing the industry. Rupert Murdoch’s grandson, Lachlan is a player.

This is happening in the US too, and the race to the bottom is a race for profit. You can blame the listeners, but when spam is all that’s on the menu people get used to it.

All the more reason we need to preserve independent media and diversity here at home.

Petition Channel 12 WPRI: Let Abel Collins into the Debate |

I am not sure what is causing Channel 12 to keep Abel Collins out of their upcoming debate for the Congressional seat in District 2. One hopes it is not some unholy alliance between big media and big politicians in Rhode Island, but one can never be sure. With enough pressure, Channel 12 will likely cave (she said optimistically) so please sign the petition. This is not a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative issue — this is a fairness and accuracy in elections issue that everyone should be concerned about.

Petition | Channel 12 WPRI: Let Abel Collins into the Debate |

Stop Feeding the Monsters

The fastest way to media fame and immortality is to commit a bigger mass murder than the last one. Steven Abell proposes that the news media stop playing along…

Emulate the Governor of Colorado: refuse to say the killer’s name! It may be impossible to know what these murderers actually want, but if there is even a chance that fame, or infamy, is it, we must not give it to them. Neither can we give any hope of it to those who might come after them. Make it clear that such people will wallow in obscurity.

There might have been an excuse for all this breathless searching for ‘a reason’ several mass murders ago, but by now it should be clear that the breathless searching and 24/7 reporting is motive enough in itself. Yes, someone who is ready to take their own life can go out in a blaze of glory, inspiring others to copycat their crime. Why else would these things come in waves?

Jessica Stern, whose fine book ‘Terror in the Name of God’ addresses violence for ideology suggests one strategy. Discredit the terrorists in their own community. We cannot discredit mass shooters as long as we reward them with the attention they crave, and as long as they can admire themselves posing with their guns–imitating the images of power in our culture.

The media would be more responsible to report on the courage of law-abiding Americans like the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin or the Unitarian community in Knoxville, Tennessee who are not intimidated from coming together to use their freedom of religion and assembly.

It’s lazy reporting to name the killers and let their victims fade from memory as if their lives and the suffering of their loved ones is not news.

So many news articles on the web named the murderer of the Sikh temple but not the members of the temple whose lives were taken. Here are their names…

Bhai Seeta Singh

Bhai Parkash Singh

Bhai Ranjit Singh

Satwant Singh Kaleka

Subegh Singh

Parmjit Kaur Toor

Here are their faces.

Titillation sells better than grief. Guns are entertaining, wounds not so much. How much truth are we ready to bear?

MORE: Mr.Green says that when some fool runs out onto a football field during a game, the cameras are turned away. No reward for violating the game. With all due respect to a free press, there is a chance that dialing down the attention to wrongdoers and focusing on the people who obey the rules might help bring back some perspective.

Did God Speak to the Church of England?

When you have a personal relationship with The Omniscient are you ever tempted to ask for an inside stock tip?

From The Guardian UK–

News Corporation made a loss of $1.6bn (£1.2bn) in the last quarter as it absorbed $2.8bn in charges related to a plan to spin off its ailing publishing businesses.

The loss compared with a profit of $683m in the same period a year ago and came as revenues dipped 6.7% to $8.4bn, hit by a slide in audiences for TV shows including American Idol and disappointment at the box office for its Hollywood studio. The results were below analysts’ expectations and the company’s shares fell in after-hours trading.

The fourth-quarter loss was linked “most significantly” to poor performances at News Corp’s Australian publishing assets, the company said.

News Corp announced plans last month to split off its publishing assets including the Wall Street Journal, the Times and the Sun in the UK, and its Australian newspapers from the more lucrative film and television assets including Fox Broadcasting, the Twentieth Century Fox studios and its stake in BSkyB.

The move comes in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal that has led to a sprawling criminal investigation in Britain and has triggered an investigation in the US under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

And this right after the Church sold all its stock in Newscorp. Coincidence? I think not.

Filthy Lucre

Well, it took them long enough— but maybe the Church was waiting for Newscorpse to repent…

The Church of England has sold all shares in News Corporation held in its investment portfolios on ethical grounds, after a phone hacking scandal at the media empire’s UK operations.

The Church, which has three national investing bodies, sold the shares worth 1.9 million pounds ($2.97 million) after its Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) was not satisfied with the level of corporate governance reform at Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate following a year of dialogue.

“Last year’s phone hacking allegations raised some serious concerns amongst the Church’s investing bodies about our holding in News Corporation,” Andrew Brown, Secretary of the Church Commissioners said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Murdoch scandal isn’t totally old news, two more arrests today– a reporter and a police officer.

It’s been said that the remedy for speech is more speech. Letting one corporation build a media monopoly works against the free flow of information. That money corrupts so deeply is the real scandal.

If it turns out that News Corp stock loses value the Church will be thanking its voice of conscience, but that probably won’t happen. The Corp will just throw a few more reporters under the bus and polish their public image for the next marketing move.