Live From the Liberty

So I’m waiting for the next visit and enjoying a sixty degree day and a cup of New Harvest at the Liberty Elm Diner. I love my job– the flexibility, the mobility. I could have sat at a bench putting earrings on cards for thirty years– this is much better.

Speaking of jobs, airport security seems like a stressy, entry level type occupation. I seldom fly, when I do I fly the red-eye, so I go through the lines half-asleep. The security people have always been pleasant and efficient. There are some horror stories in the press, and clearly some workers who need to be fired if not prosecuted. But it’s so unfair to the majority who are only doing their job.

Security agents, meanwhile, told an airline blogger how the pat-downs are destroying their morale.
“I want to tell these people that I feel disgusted feeling other peoples’ private parts,” one told Steven Frischling.
“I go home and cry,” said another. “I have been hardened by war, and in the past week I am slowly being broken down by the hateful comments.”

The press has been revved with this sexy new issue. Meanwhile, a majority polled wants to keep the scans and searchers. A majority of Americans never fly. It’s expensive. And expanding on the value of intrusive searches on someone else– NPR was debating whether searches should only be applied to funny-looking people. A commenter who said that profiling is un-American pointed out that clever terrorists could just send people who look regular.

Someone is calling for protests in the lines over the Thanksgiving holiday. I think that anyone who tries to protest now will be tackled by the anxious, tired people in line behind them.

Added to that, there are questions about the profits and cozy relationships between scanner manufacturers and Washington. Is any of this really making us safe?

Best wishes to all you travelers. Keep your eyes open and don’t take it out on the airport workers. They are scared too.