Anne Rice– Apostate

According to the Huffington Post, vampire novelist and Christian convert Anne Rice has left the flock.

She still believes in Christ– it’s the Christians that get on her nerves. Maybe she was afraid that she would spend eternity in the heavenly choir with Pat Robertson on her left hand and Beverly La Haye on her right, instead of in the row with C.S.Lewis and Hildegard of Bingen. Even a hardened horror writer might tremble at that prospect.

Of course, if she changes her mind, she can always repent.

And while God inexplicably refrains from smiting all the fools who claim to be His mouthpiece, there are actually a spectrum of Christian churches and groups that take a more humble and humanistic approach to the religion.

Unitarianism has strong roots in Transylvania–I’m not kidding. The courage of the freethinking reformers there would make a great novel series. Anne, you’re welcome at coffee hour any time.