Sarah Palin Channels Archie Bunker

Am I showing my age? Remember how that blowhard Archie was always calling his decent, responsible and loyal wife Edith a ‘dingbat’? Now Sarah Palin is channeling her inner Archie applying that label to House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. This comes right after President Barack Obama’s signature health care bill was upheld by the Supreme Court.

I saw Citizen Palin’s acceptance speech when she was nominated for the vice-presidency in 2008. She was quite scornful of ‘community activists’ and drew the line between those who lobby from the outside vs those who hold political office, with all the power and responsibility. Later she quit her office as Governor of Alaska halfway through her term, so she could be a full time gadfly and inspirational speaker to the Tea Party.

Does she ever miss being on the inside? I think she’s wicked jealous of Nancy Pelosi. After all, Archie’s default mode was a sense of grievance and a sense that there was a party going on and he wasn’t invited.