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An Unkind Cut

According to The Phoenix, The great state of Arizona is not afraid to get personal…

Before passing their so-called “birther” bill Wednesday, Arizona Republicans apparently decided it wasn’t fair to limit proof of citizenship to the “long form birth certificate.” So, they amended the measure to include several other forms of proof.

One such document, a certificate of circumcision, is given to the parents of a male Jewish child after his foreskin is snipped.

Donald Trump met with one legislator to air his views and expose his expertise. Donald Trump is a famous celebrity who has been on TV, like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sonny Bono, only without acting talent.

The Phoenix advises citizens to show their papers, not show direct proof of circumcision, as there are still laws against that sort of thing.

Nominal Purity

I’m posting this for a laugh before work. A blogger reports on a plan to remove all Spanish place names from Arizona. He’s an academic. His name is Professor Smart—. Do you think this might be satire?

Hold Your Fire!

Arizona Iced Tea Shows Its Papers! Don’t blame it for Arizona politics or boycott it unjustly. It’s made in New York. And the ice tea moguls may be wondering if they should have named it ‘New York Iced Tea’. Kind of sophisticated, experienced but not jaded, always on the edge of the next trend.

In Arizona they drink Tang.


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