Religion and Politics

A quick post– no time to write today.

I don’t believe that there are no coincidences, but I do believe that politicians don’t pull out unusual turns of speech randomly. If they didn’t choose their words carefully they wouldn’t get the votes. Everything they do or say in public life either has an agenda or is consistent with who they are.

I attended Apponaug Pentecostal Church in the 1970’s, and absorbed the teachings for three years. This article from Huffington Post might seem like an extreme take, but it’s consistent with what I heard preached and how they connected with preachers and evangelists nationally and internationally in the mission fields.

Sarah Palin’s Jewish Problem.

She is just one of the more visible and ambitious politicians with an End-Times following.

We are free to believe as our conscience dictates. But it’s one thing to believe in prophecy as a citizen, and another when you have the power to help events along.

Don’t look for politicians to come clean about their real beliefs and their supporters. We are so divided right now that it’s hard to blame them for being cagy. Whatever they say, some constituency will accuse them of singing from the wrong hymnal. But don’t discount religion as a motivation, and thank the gods for a free press.

Blood Libel

Mr. Green had the TV on, or I would not have seen an unusually subdued Sarah Palin urging us all to tone down the rhetoric.

She referred to some of the political accusations as ‘blood libel’, a Biblical sounding phrase that resonates.

She should show leadership by turning back from her use of phrases like ‘death panels’, which is blood libel if any words can be.

It’s a libel on all of us who work in the medical profession. It’s a libel on all the people who claim the right to decide what they do not want done to themselves, and in what situation. It’s a libel on all who stand by their loved ones, and do their best to speak for them. It’s a libel on everyone who thinks that a good death is not one in the code room at the ER when there is no reasonable hope of recovery.

It’s a slur on our emergency system, still the most intact and fair part of our whole medical system– able to save people as gravely wounded as Gabrielle Giffords, and at risk of collapsing under the burden of non-emergency patients who have no where else to go.

It’s a blood libel that throws rage into a tough discussion we need to have. Resources are finite. What is the most fair and compassionate way for a great nation to provide for its citizens?

Ms. Palin, I’ll look to you to lead the way. Walk it back from fantasies of the death panel condemning your son Trig. Recognize and take a moment to thank all the good people who care for his health and welfare. Thank the state and federal government that provide a safety net for children and adults with Down Syndrome. If your personal fortune runs out, he will not be destitute as long as we continue to believe in our responsibility for one another.

That’s a Christian idea. You’ve enjoyed enormous fame and used strong words.

Be strong enough to be a peacemaker now. You have yourself used blood libel, and it will take strong words to undo it.

If you believe that politicians use odd turns of phrase and obscure references randomly, then don’t bother to read this. But if you believe that they like to send a wink, and a nod, and a wave to their base, discreetly and without alarming the mainstream, then click on Talk to Action on prayer warriors.