Sarah Palin– Secret Democrat?

Grab the popcorn! Sarah Palin wants the show to go on…

Firebrand Sarah Palin told conservatives Saturday not to settle quickly on a Republican presidential nominee, but to let the candidates fight it out longer on the campaign trail.

Palin, in a speech at a three-day conference of conservatives, urged Republicans to ignore those who insist “we have to name our nominee right now. Wrap it up. No debate for you. Cut it off.”

“As if competition weakens our nominee. In America, we believe competition strengthens us. Competition elevates our game,” she said. “Competition will lead us to victory in 2012. I believe that the competition has to keep going.”

A few more weeks of Romney, Santorum and Gingrich hating each other only a little less than they all hate Barack Obama. I wish I could say that Ron Paul has stayed out of the mud, but he made about a million bucks palling around with white supremacists.

As much as he says he’s not with them, they continue to follow his campaign like they expect to take America back. Back to where, we well know. That’s why I worry more about Paul as a wild card than anyone else in this sad bunch.

I don’t think even Sarah Palin in her most grandiose dreams expects to be called as a running mate. She does know that her speaking fee will go down when the Tea gets cold.

I thought long and hard about what would be good for our country, and wished that Jon Huntsman had been able to stay in longer. No one else seems to have the nerve to stand up to their own ‘birthers’ and ‘Government, keep your hands off my Medicare’ crowd. All this disorganization helps the Democrats for the moment.

As far as Sarah Palin, her loyalty is to a party of one.

Talking Back to Sarah Palin

I don’t watch Family Guy, because even though Seth MacFarlane is local, he seems to have been deeply affected by Garfield cartoons. I just can’t get past that. Sorry.

He’s also offensive. I watched part of one episode and it struck me as creepy-racist-misogynist and I only lasted a few minutes. Sorry– I can’t justify it in an argument, it was just an impression. Maybe I’m wrong. Just an opinion.

We don’t all think alike. Sarah Palin took a recent episode of Family Guy as a slam on people with Down Syndrome. Andrea Fay Friedman, the actress who did the voice for the cartoon character, thinks otherwise. She herself has Down Syndrome, but she is an adult and too large to carry around as a prop and old enough to speak for herself. So read what she says here.

You may agree with her or not, but it’s good to remember that people with Down Syndrome are not God’s innocent angels sent here to teach us something about life, but actual people who have their own lives to live. Trig Palin will grow up, and I hope he will have a good life. Sarah Palin better hope she doesn’t pick up the NYT some day and see a best-seller called, ‘Drafted–My Life on the Campaign Trail When Mommy Went Rogue’, or ‘Going Rough–Missed Naps and Noisy Crowds in Days that Made History’. At least it’s not ‘Vice-President, Dearest’ –not yet.

Daily Kos has the startling news that Sarah Palin’s grandson receives health care coverage from socialized medicine.

TOUGH WEEK: Palin came in third runner-up in the Conservative Popularity Awards Convention (CPAC) Pageant. It seems unfair. She has way better hair than Ron Paul, who might want to consider having a little work done– nothing drastic, just a little lift. Mitt Romney is tough competition. I think he’s encased in some kind of impermeable wrinkle-proof plastic. He’d better wear Kevlar under the suit though, because Sarah Barracuda does not forgive or forget. Except for things Rush Limbaugh says or things she needs to not recall in testimony.