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Not Counting Chickens in Cranston

Why, Mayor Fung, did you veto legalized chickens in the fair city of Cranston? Did the will of the people count for nothing? Admit it, Garden City got to you, didn’t they? All that lawn acreage with nothing but pigeons and crows to show for it. What a waste.

Stop the Presses! Chickens in Cranston!

Rhode Island Tweets ‏@RhodyTweets

#thatssocranston “@CranstonPatch: Welp, ordinance passes 5-4. You can legally raise backyard chickens in Cranston.”

They better watch out, hawks are back too.

Cranston Community Garden — Week One for Our Little Patch!

Our garden started out looking kind of small and scruffy, but after a week’s time, there was significant growth.

We planted cucumbers, lettuce, spring mix, spinach, and tomatoes.

We bought all our starter plants at the Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market, so this is a very local experiment in community gardening. I hope our plants thrive, and don’t get eaten by any small hungry animals. Here’s to community spirit and thanks to Steve Stycos and all of the other members of the Cherrywood Community Garden starter group. You can friend us on Facebook here.

Crying in Their Tea

Stephen Laffey will not run for governor. Many will be disappointed, but it was unlikely he would have been able to work his Cranston charm on the whole state.


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