Coffee Break

It’s said that Rhode Island is the birthplace of the diner, and the Liberty Elm keeps the tradition alive. I’m between Warwick and Providence today, so I get to stop off on Elmwood Ave.

Today there’s lime and coconut muffins ( for some reason that rings a bell with me) that are really good grilled with butter. It looks like it’s going to pour any minute, but when the sun comes back out the Liberty will have outdoor dining, with a scenic view of the train tracks out back and the RIPTA bus depot across the street.

Support your locals, folks.

Live at the Liberty

Mi Vida Local–Diner Edition

(Observer was right about the Spanish grammar)

My Mom was talking about the good old days when she went to RISD in the 50’s. “There was this diner we went to, it was run by two brothers who were in WWII.”

“Louie’s!” I cried. I used to go there in the 70’s for their incomparable steak and cheese or fish and chips.

I’ve been back a few times lately, and wanted to add them to ‘Mi Vida Local’ list where I highlight unique local businesses– alternatives to corporate culture and often better and cheaper.

So follow this link to Louie’s.

Louie’s brother, Dom, left some years ago to open the Geneva Diner on Douglas Ave. This reporter will send a dispach as soon as I stop off there for lunch. Louie and Dom are no longer with us, but the family still carries on. I got the Shepherd’s Pie special there today and had to take half home– they make real mashed potatoes and generous portions.

Mi Vida Local List

Louie’s Restaurant
Acme Video
Silver Star Bakery
United BBQ
Stamp Egg Farms
East Side Prescription Center
Yacht Club Soda
Mangiarelli’s Fruitlands
Four Mile River Farm

Party at Everyman

Rhode Island, birthplace of the diner, is going nationwide this Monday, February 22.

Everyman Bistro will host a viewing party, starting at 8:30, to celebrate the appearance of the Libery Elm Diner on The Food Network at 10:00pm.

Music will be provided by The Killdevils, Lucky 57, and Mark Cutler and Friends. I count myself as one of Mark Cutler’s friends. Though I’m not a musician I love listening to him.

Details and directions are here.