Humanities and Social Science Grad Students: Really Smart Suckers?

The case is now being made, quite strongly some might argue, that a humanities or social science Phd is not going to get you very far in life.  In fact, the analysis of graduate students by the most strident critics suggests that they are “really smart suckers” for a system that is going to screw them in the end.  That’s the argument of William Pannapacker in this piece.

If you’re in graduate school and you need to vent, you can check out the website  called “100 Reasons Not to go to Graduate School.”   The following post describes how 100 Reasons is hitting a nerve big time:  Website offers regular debates on wisdom of going to grad school | Inside Higher Ed.

Why is Youth Sports on the Decline?

Talking with a Cranston dad after church, he mentioned that our local Little Leagues are taking a hit in terms of enrollment, and have a smaller batch of teams this year.  I wondered if the trends went further than just Cranston and found this article:  Participation in youth sports on the decline |  As you can see from the stats cited,  nationally baseball little leagues are down by 24% since 2000.  Basketball has also seen a reduction in numbers by about 9%.  Soccer is on the rise, and hockey looks like it is exploding.  But still, the overall numbers are down, since hockey is a relatively smaller sport than baseball or basketball.

So what gives?  Are we just a couch potato society where kids would prefer to stay home and play Nintendo and Wii?  Is it the competition from other activities like karate and drama clubs?  Or is this a result of families in the middle class simply not having the resources, especially since the economic collapse of 2008, to put toward their children’s athletic development?