Wages o’ Sin

Bristol Palin is on the fast track to financial success with a new career as a public speaker. She’s said to be charging $30,000 for a few hours of lecturing on chastity and abstinence.

All over this great nation of ours, there are young Christians who have kept their virginity pledge. And no one is paying them to talk about it. They are on their feet for twelve hours at a time, wearing paper hats and asking, ‘do you want fries with that?’

I was just talking to a woman around Bristol’s age. She is also a single mother, and she makes about $10/hr. One night’s work at Bristol’s pay grade would be more than she makes in a year.

And let us consider the Sunday School teachers, who instruct and inspire our young people, and are paid in cupcakes.

On the other hand, by entertainer standards Bristol Palin’s fee is just mid-range. If she’s selling notoriety then she’s right to get it out before it gets stale.

Evangelicals are pros at staging extravaganzas, going back to the tent revivals. That’s why they build megachurches. Look out for a megachurch to be Bristol Palin’s natural venue. You heard it here first.