Wages O’ Sin

Just a typical 20-year-old girl who might go to college. A good girl who made a bad choice, but now talks to teens about abstinence.

Bristol Palin bought a house with $172,000 in cash.

God bless America, land of opportunity. If only more young people would follow her example.

In related news, Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, is facing eviction from the house where she raises 14 children in four bedrooms. She can’t keep up with the mortgage.

Sarah Palin should invite her to Alaska. The exposure would translate into income, which Ms. Suleman badly needs. Show some charity, Sarah, help a fellow celebrity. She can boost your reality show too, it’s all good.

And let’s send a Christmas wish to the original owners of the Bristol house, who paid twice what she paid, and got foreclosed. Tough luck for making ‘bad choices’. I can’t find any info about them on the net. They could have been among the many who bought houses during the real estate bubble, only to find themselves with an underwater mortgage. After the crash, in the normal course of things, rich people will pick up bargains. It’s the way of nature, like a daughter grizzly eating a baby moose.