Who Can Stop the Media Circus?

Roman Polanski is on my computer, on my radio, in my newspaper. A petition signed by a host of actors and writers begs for the case to be dropped. His victim, now a mature woman, is enduring a new media onslaught. Who can stop the madness?

It’s simple. Roman Polanski can stop it.

He ran from his own plea bargain. He can stop dragging this thing out and tell his lawyers to end it. He’s 76 years old. California does not want or need another geriatric ward of the state. They have more dangerous prisoners that they have to release for lack of space.

He just needs to get his lawyers and his entourage and face a judge and end this. He’s not going to persuade the US legal system that he deserves a free pass for being rich and famous, but he can probably clutch his heart a few times and cough pitifully, and persuade them that locking him up is more trouble than he’s worth.