That’s Un-American!

Via Democratic Underground, news that the City of Paris might ban SUV’s.

Denis Baupin, a Parisian environmental official, told RTL radio anyone who had an SUV should “sell it and buy a vehicle that’s compatible with city life. I’m sorry, but having a sport utility vehicle in a city makes no sense.”

Next they’ll be banning Hummers from Tokyo. Follow the link here for a story about a Japanese guy named Dick. At least he’s been called that…

TOKYO — When Sadayoshi Ishi drives his Hummer, he takes precautions. He has installed a navigation system that shows wide-open streets in green and more dangerous narrow streets in pink on a computerized map inside the truck. Periscopelike monitors on each side-view mirror alert him to obstacles.

Mr. Ishi isn’t dodging land mines in a desert war zone. The 48-year-old Japanese cartoonist is trying to navigate Tokyo’s urban jungle of streets too narrow for his 7-foot-wide vehicle. “I broke out in a sweat every time I drove it,” says Mr. Ishi. He now drives his Hummer just once a week — to golf games — on a predetermined route.

He should drive the Hummer on the course, that would really impress people. Mr. Ishi is hoping for a disaster so he can use all the features to rescue people. If Godzilla strikes, he’s ready.

IN RELATED NEWS: Gridlock in the Providence Place Mall parking garage.

Wanna Buy a Used Hummer?

With gas prices sure to go up and sales down, General Motors has a deal for you!

Critics had seized on the rugged but fuel-inefficient Hummer as a symbol of excess as GM’s financial troubles grew and gas prices rose. Sales at Hummer, which is known for hulking sport utility vehicles like the H3, have been in a steep slide since gasoline prices rose to record heights last summer. For the first four months of this year, Hummer sales are down 67 percent.

I wonder if the special tax exemption is still in force? Car buyers get a big discount if the vehicle is large enough, at least that used to be the case.

According to this report, Hummers are a major status symbol in Iraq, I have no idea why. But then I never understood why cruising to the mall in a ‘cute’ version of a military vehicle is patriotic.

I don’t think Toyota or Honda will want the brand. Read about the terrors of driving a Hummer through Tokyo in ‘Sports Inutility’.

Maybe they’ll show up in Russia. We’ll see if they are good in snow. And some are sure to be some 16 year old’s first used car. Hope they know how to parallel park and don’t skimp on the upkeep.

Update–looks like they will be bought by a Chinese company.