Maybe the virtue of Art is that it is transgressive. It jumps over the fence but lands in exactly the right place.

Leonard Cohen’s hit song ‘Hallelulia’ should have been sucked dry of all meaning by now. In fact, the old guy has got a lot of nerve to still be rocking. I played ‘Suzanne’ with three chords and a voice that never would be trained in 1976. We all thought he was blessing our own various religions. Leonard Cohen was no spring chicken even then.

I posted a clip of him singing about a month ago and thought it was the definitive version. Darned if he didn’t have other amazing performances. Here’s the one my minister,Rev. James Ford, placed on Monkey Mind Online.


A Valentine from Ninjanurse–

Get me a cool cloth for my forehead, and clutch my pearls for me while you’re at it. I saw on the nets that K.D.Lang sang Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Hallelulia’ at the Olympics opening ceremony. I wonder if any Canadian snow survived unmelted.

I heard an interview with Leonard Cohen by Terry Gross on NPR some time ago. He went to a Zen monastery so he could do nothing for a while. Brave man. Nothing is the hardest thing to do. I heard a little bit of ‘Hallelulia’ then.

Pam’s House Blend posted K.D.Lang’s performance at a recent concert. I love K.D.Lang. I heard ‘Constant Craving’ about ten years ago at a women’s martial arts conference performed with kata, so I think I’ve got the drift.

But I’m basically visual, and I really take it in when I read it. I looked up the lyrics.

Damn, that man can write.

Here’s YouTube with the Great Man himself and some big-haired blond women giving it some Holiness.

And K.D. Lang with Constant Craving. She sings Hallelulia wonderfully, but I like this better.