Because they Deserve It

So while it’s not rational to be disgusted with an entire country because of the actions of a few, I couldn’t resist posting this clip.

Two Australian radio shock jocks decided to hound Kate Middleton while she was sick in the hospital. In the process they tricked a nurse into breaching confidentiality for her patient, and then broadcast the results. This was a huge disgrace for the nurse. Whatever other issues she might have had in her life, it’s almost certain the cruel joke triggered her suicide.

Australian radio is a huge part of their media, and international corporations are monopolizing the industry. Rupert Murdoch’s grandson, Lachlan is a player.

This is happening in the US too, and the race to the bottom is a race for profit. You can blame the listeners, but when spam is all that’s on the menu people get used to it.

All the more reason we need to preserve independent media and diversity here at home.