Trickle-Up Medicaid

No time to write a detailed post with citations and links. I’m working today, facilitating gummint health care.

Most of the people I serve are elderly on Medicaid, though I’m lately seeing Medicare and VA clients as well.

Because the older generation, those in their 70’s and 80’s, have secure health care, people in my generation are not sitting around the kitchen table agonizing about Mom and Dad’s medical bills. That leaves us free to agonize about our kid’s college expenses and our own retirement.

Because Medicaid pays for home health aides, fewer people are going into nursing homes, and those who do are often there for rehab and get better and go back home.

Our Medicaid dollar is spent on local employment, providing jobs– in many cases to mothers of young children or caretakers of parents, who need flexible hours. And there’s the purchasing power to buy generic drugs at the best price– a lifesaver for people on a fixed income.

It’s a very imperfect system, and there’s always room for improvement, but the benefits trickle up from elderly parents to middle-class working children with children of their own to raise.