Vote for Us or We’ll Shut You Down

I’m surprised that Mitt Romney never heard the expression, “Living well is the best revenge.” Maybe when you’re born rich and just get richer you never enjoy the satisfaction of surprising your critics by doing better than you were ‘supposed’ to. Poor Mr. Romney, deprived of this character-building experience.

But the terror of all the excluded people rising up with vengeance in their eyes and–gods forbid–voting, has moved the Republican party to a steady effort to make it more difficult to exercise this right of citizenship.

the rest of Ninjanurse’ rant is here.

Frog March

Several jobs ago I witnessed this, and I’ll never forget it.

One of my co-workers, who had held a responsible position, was walked out of the office by two security guards. He looked stunned.

His offense? He had sent a vulgar email on a company computer, on work time, to a co-worker who did not appreciate it and reported it. I heard that this was labelled ‘sexual harassment’. I didn’t think that was the best way to describe what he did wrong– but then I don’t know if he was making someone else miserable by hitting on them at work. If so, that would be harassment.

I did think that sending an inappropriate email under company heading–that could be sent anywhere and would reflect badly on the company–was grounds for firing. Organizations do have reputations to uphold.

So, how about the reputation of the law of the United States of America, in its dignity, in its impartiality, in its mission of ‘justice for all’. We call a judge, ‘your honor’ because we expect them to act with honor. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ as Stan Lee said. I’d like to know how this lunkhead ever got appointed to anything… Oh wait–he was one of ‘W’s appointments.

HELENA — Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull on Wednesday admitted to sending a racially charged email about President Barack Obama from his courthouse chambers.

Cebull, of Billings, was nominated by former President George W. Bush and received his commission in 2001 and has served as chief judge for the District of Montana since 2008.

The judge insists that this should not lead anyone to jump to the conclusion that he is a man of less than the highest integrity…

“The only reason I can explain it to you is I am not a fan of our president, but this goes beyond not being a fan,” Cebull said. “I didn’t send it as racist, although that’s what it is. I sent it out because it’s anti-Obama.”

Travis McAdam, executive director for the Montana Human Rights Network , said the email contained highly racist rhetoric unbecoming of a federal judge.

“It’s one thing if the judge is not a fan of President Barack Obama, but you would think someone in his position would articulate that in a way that criticizes his policy decisions or his position on issues,” McAdam said. “We have a hard time believing that a legitimate criticism of the president involves distributing a joke that basically compares African Americans with animals.”

He was simply disrespecting our President. So that’s okay. The joke is also a horrible slur on President Obama’s late mother. To which I say, “Judge Sebull–your mother!”

Beyond that– can anyone trust his honesty or impartiality when he judges and sentences the ordinary people who have no defender but the integrity of the law?

Obama is the Antichrist–What Else is New?

CrooksAndLiars says that a heckler screamed, ‘Obama you are the Antichrist’ as the president spoke at a fundraising event in Los Angeles.

To a former Pentecostal, like this writer, the heckler’s outburst is unsurprising. It would be shocking if the extreme Christian right did not declare Obama to be the Antichrist. I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I’ve read my Revelations, and I have a pretty good idea how it works.

A lot of people are upset because Obama won the election. They might conclude that it happened because more people voted for him, but that’s too simple. It makes more sense that this is a sign of the End Times. The evidence is indisputable.

When Obama had soaring approval ratings, his political success was proof he had superpowers. When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that confirmed it, because the Antichrist will bring world peace. When he escalated the war in Afghanistan, that was more proof, because the Antichrist starts wars. And his current low approval is because we’re a Christian nation, and Obama is the Antichrist. See how it works?

Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot of competition for the title. If you include the undead, the dark throne is going to look like a game of musical chairs. I listed some contenders in my previous post,

Antichrist Hall of Fame…

In rough chronological order…

John F. Kennedy Some fear that he was up to something when he got himself assassinated.

Jimmy Carter He promoted peace in the Middle East, when we all know that nuclear war is in God’s plan.

Ronald Reagan Supernaturally charming–at least to some people, it was lost on me.

Mikhail Gorbachev He had that funny mark on his forehead, although if he used Rogaine it probably wouldn’t have showed.

Bill Clinton Nobody we knew voted for him and he won anyway.

Vladimir Putin He’s Russian. And he was able to fool President Bush with his soulful gaze.

George W. Bush Took 666 vacation days in his first 4 years.

John Paul II He was a Catholic. And he lived in Rome.

Pope Benedict He lives in Rome too.

John Mc Cain Saw that funny photo of him sticking out his tongue.

You can see it’s a crowded field. President Obama has a lot on his plate, trying to get his jobs bill passed, and was probably more focused on raising campaign money than on putting the Mark of the Beast on the dollar bill.

But you can’t be too careful. The state of Virginia considered legislation to protect citizens from The Mark, and all the unholy nurses and doctors waiting to implant it– I’m not kidding, the link is here.

Otto Takes on the Larouchies

Otto, via Daily Kos
posts an account of what happened when the Larouchies set up a table in front of his town post office.

Avoiding a drawn-out argument about the Larouchie’s ‘Obama as Hitler’ poster– their signature statement– Otto set himself up as a counter-recruiter. Proving the old saying, ‘when engaging in a battle of wits make sure your opponent is armed’, Otto got nowhere fast with the Larouche people, who didn’t even know which party their candidate is running on.

Q. What do they get taught in “Camp Larouche?” A. “Dump Obama”

It was pretty obvious what they are taught. They are taught that their bread and butter is going to be senior men. Every time they see a man who is older than 60 walk out of the post office, they immediately accost him.

“Are you ready to dump Obama?”

Maybe they get a bite. Maybe they don’t.

My strategy was to get them to advocate for a candidate. They couldn’t. They simply don’t know anything about the insane man who is earning money off of their ignorance.

If they got a bite on this one, I would let their catch know that Larouche runs as a Democrat, is a former communist, and supports a massive infrastructure project.

If they are going after the Fox News demographic, then I figure it’s fair to argue against their position with something that will resonate with that demographic.

You can read the rest, including what Otto said to the cops after the Larouchies called them, here…
Preventing Crazy From Going Mainstream– Tea Time With the Larouchies

Crazy going mainstream is the story of this generation, but more dangerous when crazy goes undercover. I saw the Larouchies at the health care town halls in Rhode Island, and they were playing up to the Tea Party people big time. Middle aged white people were carrying around the Obama/Hitler magazines as if they thought that image was just fine. So many are ready to cry Nazi every time they get a parking ticket, perhaps the discourse has been polluted beyond saving, and the people really believe that Hitler was infamous for declaring that no one should be denied health care for being poor.

Otto noticed that the Larouchies were tacking right with the older folks, and left with the younger ones. Same can of worms- different branding.

There are many valid disagreements with President Obama’s positions on issues and actions while in office. It’s a widespread sentiment that the country is going in the wrong direction, though no consensus on what the right direction should be. Obama’s electoral victory disappointed many who wanted a President McCain. Free speech, passionate speech– that’s democracy.

But some of what I see on the left-wing sites is so hateful in a personal way, and came on so early, that I suspect chameleons like Lyndon Larouche as a source. Extremes tend to go full circle and meet at the fringes. Not all the left wing anger, even when over the top and personal, is insincere. Some of it, though, is coming from the extreme right and other ideologies, packaged to appeal to lefties and progressives.

Consider the source, do some fact-checking.

At one Town Hall I confronted a young black man who was carrying a stack of magazines with the Hitler/Obama image. Did that man know anything about Black History, or about WWII and the real Hitler whose atrocious regime lives on in the memories of people yet alive? Would the good people of Warwick, who sat in that Town Hall fanning themselves with Larouche’s magazine have signed on as allies of Larouche if they knew anything about the man?

I’m deep in end of life issues and government health care these days, seeing my father through Hospice. The nasty accusations that talking about mortality is the next step to ‘death panels’ is such a destructive lie. Without government health care, my parents, like millions of Americans on Medicare, would face a financial crisis as well as a health crisis. And during the debate, the loudest voices were spreading wild rumors from unclear sources, to the benefit of business as usual.

I will vote for Barack Obama in 2012. Not as a lesser of two evils, but because I think he wants to lead this country in a better direction, in the face of massive opposition from the other party, and with the challenge of two wars and a recession handed down from the last president.

I could be wrong, and good people of all points of view may disagree. But take a lesson from Larouche– an easy example. There are more covert ways to sway opinion, astroturf organizations and trojan horses, blogging trolls who try to pass for what they are not. There’s a certain tone of malice that you get to recognize, a ring to the counterfeit. Speak your conscience, support what you will, but don’t take anything at face value.

They’ll Outbreed Us

Truly, work is the curse of the blogging class, taking on a second job forces me to converse with carbon-based life forms in real time. But thank the gods that I can still do something in the material world, and get some bucks for it.

Kmareka Multinational, LLC strives to corner the market in the news before it happens–also recognizing trends. William Gibson, a fine author who writes what used to be called sci-fi, (but stuff happens so fast now, it’s now ‘speculative fiction’) has a book about that, called ‘Pattern Recognition’.

I’m a freelancer myself, part-time, per-diem and grateful to have the opportunity to somewhat control my schedule.

So, in an idle moment I picked up a glossy magazine called ‘LifeStyles’ and saw something alarming.

Celebrities are reproducing at an amazing rate.

Every page had a celebrity pregnancy or birth. They are breeding like rabbits.

They start young, and maintain their fecundity into middle age. They use surrogates and enlarge their families by adoption– traveling across the world to claim babies and sweep them into the celebrity world. How can ordinary people compete?

Soon they’ll outnumber us, and every random person you meet at the bus stop will latch on to your arm and start driveling on about their liposuction and time in rehab.

You won’t have to buy the ‘Globe’ or the ‘Star’. You’ll be wishing you could escape this globe and find a distant star with a planet where people talk about more interesting stuff.

Okay, I’m an elitist. One of those who should be sent to a re-education camp and forced to watch Sarah Palin’s reality show until I confess to whatever is demonized this week. But I’m not terribly fussy about what I read. My sister-in-law is a PhD in literature and she loves junk. I notice the Globe, they’re displayed in the checkout line that gets longer as workers are laid off. The Globe has it in for the President.

Is it just because he’s the Prez? I’m getting a sense of pattern recognition. There are deep messages in our language and culture. I suspect that all those celebrity baby stories send a message to us peasants. And a Prez who is not so old, not so white, is trying to turn around a very old and heavy ship, headed for the falls.