Occupy at First Unitarian

First UU has a monthly Parish Supper with speakers invited. This Friday, February 24th, Occupy Providence shared potluck and gave us an update on the Occupation statewide.

Pat Raub, who has facilitated in tents by flashlight, and Jon Lax explained the process of the General Assembly– rules of order, hand signals and the agenda for the evening.

Ally Trull, Randall Rose and Jared Paul presented the five campaigns Occupy Providence supports.

Take Back Our Homes– fighting illegal foreclosures
Tax Justice– so the 1% pays their fair share
Solidarity Economy– business that gives back to the community
Gendered Economic Inequality– in case you’ve noticed that women are still underpaid and under-represented
Civil Rights-Racial Profiling and Prisoner Rights– supporting a bill against racial profiling that codifies what police acknowledge is best practice

It was a cool Unitarian practice of our principles, with an occasional mic-check, chalice lighting by Reverend Ford, and Hymn #121 ‘We’ll Build a Land’.

I’m still processing all this, will write more later. I just want to thank all the good people who came out last night to share a meal and democracy.