False Witness

One commenter on this site wondered what motivated Izzy Santa, James O’Keefe’s confederate, to tip off CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau before she got on the infamous ‘love boat’. I don’t know much about Izzy, but I have relatives who believe the Republicans are God’s Party. That might become a problem for some of the sleazier operatives.

In the 70’s when I was going to Apponaug Pentecostal Church we read a lot of Christian literature, including ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom. This is a powerful story of a Dutch Christian family who resisted the Nazi occupation and hid a Jewish family in their home.

Pentecostals take pride in claiming these heroic people as their own. The Ten Boom sisters practiced an adherence to their faith that was so unbending that Betsie Ten Boom would not lie even to the Nazi soldiers who invaded their house.

I immediately recalled this book when Christine O’Donnell was quoted saying she would not tell a lie even to save Anne Frank.
These coded messages are clear if you spent a lot of time in church. Lots of us read ‘The Hiding Place’, it was even made into a movie. The fact that O’Donnell has a kind of flexible relationship with the truth as it relates to her own life is less important than that she sends this message to the base. She’s read the Word. She may not always follow it, but after all, God forgives.

Interestingly, though the Bible commends truth-telling and abhors deceitfulness, there’s no Biblical episode where a person surrounded by violent enemies refrains from lying to defend themselves and others, and tells the truth relying on God to intervene. In fact, there are many episodes of deception, for reasons good or bad. There’s even a parable of Jesus that seems to praise a steward for dishonesty– and what the Lord meant by that is for theologians to figure out.

There is also no commandment that says, ‘thou shalt not tell a lie.’ The ninth commandment says, ‘thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor’.

‘What’s the difference’, you ask? Well, it’s the difference between a social fib and perjury in court. Between padding your resume and slandering someone to advance your own career. False witness is a damaging lie that ruins a reputation. It’s a malicious and targeted lie, not a ‘mis-speak’.

The question, ‘who is my neighbor’ is answered in the New Testament. Sorry, no wiggle room.

Maybe Izzy Santa, was raised Christian. Maybe the pornified humiliation O’Keefe planned for Abbie Boudreau offended Santa’s morality. Maybe the sense of grievance and desire to ‘get even’ in his memos raised alarm, because almost every woman encounters a perp at some time, and the memos showed the mindset of a sex offender. (SEK at Lawyers, Guns and Money speculates that O’Keefe knew seduction was ridiculous, but thought he had a good chance of getting some video of Abbie Boudreau frightened and confused–his real goal.) Maybe Izzy even thought of the commandment against false witness, and all the lying was just too much.

Liz Farkas, another woman who worked with O’Keefe, opted out when she saw that he was editing and ‘cherry picking’ bits of an interview with a Planned Parenthood nurse to make the organization look bad. Maybe the personal destruction of an unsuspecting woman as collateral damage in the ‘culture war’ violated her morals.

I have family who are Christian. Sometimes they appall me with their casual acceptance of the fiery deaths of millions. They can be very harsh in the abstract, but they are the nicest people face to face. Maybe Izzy and Liz were that kind of Christian, and not able to drive in the knife when they saw the human face of the ‘enemy’. Maybe they had principles.

James O’Keefe, of course, is most famous for the video that helped to take down ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). It’s hard to find neutral reporting on this organization, Wikipedia is the most accessible. I was vaguely aware of them as a local chapter, but never met with them. Several years ago they were fund-raising by standing on the street with buckets. This totally offends me. Teen Challenge, firefighters, some churches do this too.

Anyway, the national organization had its problems, including embezzlement, but was active in voter registration and affordable housing. A House Judiciary Report on de-funding ACORN runs 88 pages and has been cited both as exonerating and implicating the organization. The section on alleged voter fraud is taken from local and national reporting, most partisan. Of the fifteen articles cited, eleven of them are about a serial voter named Darnell Nash of Cleveland, OH, whose votes were invalidated. Mr. Nash is now in jail, or was. I think it’s possible he was mentally ill, he sure doesn’t sound like a criminal genius. The other four articles mention small numbers of suspect ballots in New York, the majority of which proved to be valid. Wikipedia says that ACORN was running a 7% error rate in registration while the average voter drive was 5%, and that they agreed to improve their practices. Undeniably, they registered great numbers of qualified voters, and that may have been the real reason they were on the hit list.

Maybe ACORN should have been de-funded for the kind of complicated issues that come up in an 88 page report on use of funds, partisanship with the Democratic Party, hiring of unqualified personnel and insufficient training. Maybe their policy and procedure was faulty. That was not what did them in.

James O’Keefe approached and secretly taped ACORN workers until he got the footage he was looking for, and then edited the results to make it look like the organization was supporting human trafficking.

He became a young conservative star, and would still be if he had not over-reached. His sponsor, Andrew Breitbart, plays the same way– using personal destruction against a USDA employee, Shirley Sherrod. She’s collateral damage in his culture war. Shame on the Obama administration for falling for lies, but more shame on the liars.

‘A lie goes halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its pants,’ said Mark Twain. Shirley Sherrod is said to be considering a lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart. He caused her serious harm with a lie–sure looks like slander. Maybe that’s the way to go. It’s better than having more ‘reporters’ trolling around with hidden cameras and students secretly taping college lectures hoping for a sound bite.

I’m waiting for the good Christians to get as concerned about the Ninth Commandment as the Sixth. Adultery is a sin, but so is False Witness. And forgive me, Lord, for writing this on the Sabbath.

Just Funnin’

The weasely young guy whose fake ‘pimp’ video gave ACORN’s political enemies enough political cover to shut it down had a great new idea. He was going to lure a CNN reporter into an embarrassing situation– and then broadcast it. A kind of Republican ‘Candid Camera’.

Salon has coverage of James O’Keefe’s plan to use his masculine charm to seduce the reporter– and get even with her for using her ‘bleach blonde’ attributes to get the credibility that rightly belongs to him– at least that’s how he sees it. His plan, interestingly, was foiled by a woman who was supposed to be his assistant. She recognized crazy when she saw it.

The hate behind this plan to sexually humiliate a female journalist, and O’Keefe’s sense of grievance and right to get even is truly creepy. Kind of like a flasher who gets off on scaring and shocking women.

Is this the Young Republican hero?

Tracy Clark-Flory wonders whether O’Keefe was trying to fake CNN into running a faked sex scandal…

Maybe he wanted to trick [reporter, Abbie] Boudreau into believing she had happened upon a salacious story about another conservative with a sordid secret life just begging to be exposed. Given that O’Keefe sees CNN as wildly biased — which is funny, given that the network is “allergic to opinion to the point of occasional incoherence,” as Alex Pareene put it — it could be that he assumed Boudreau would run wild with the story and then O’Keefe would humiliate her by revealing it as a hoax.
The props seem too slapstick for that, though. I mean, fuzzy handcuffs and Alicia Keys? Is this a sex den or a 20-year-old’s bachelorette party? Also, please note that the list of props includes “an obvious sex tape machine” — you know, one of those crazy sex tape machines the perverts are always using. Maybe O’Keefe’s plan was simply to create an atmosphere of sexual humiliation — to coax Boudreau into an environment filled with sex toys and images of naked ladies — and then document her inevitable discomfort and embarrassment. All the while, O’Keefe makes over-the-top passes at her while she struggles to function in a professional capacity. (Boudreau reports there is also a lot of sexually explicit language in the planning memo that CNN has not yet released.)


Echidne of the Snakes has Abbie Boudreau’s comments.

CNN’s reporting on the incident reveals a seriously malicious focus on Abby Boudreau and an intention to ‘burden her career’. What is going on with these people?