Cattle Mutilations Back in Style?

Angry Cosmic Jellyfish

I remember this kind of thing from the 70’s…

Four calves have been found dead in a pasture just north of the New Mexico state line in recent weeks.

The dead calves had their skins peeled back and organs cleared from the rib cage. One calf had its tongue removed.

But rancher Manuel Sanchez has found no signs of human attackers, such as footprints or ATV tracks. And there are no signs of an animal attack by a coyote or mountain lion. Usually predators leave pools of blood or drag marks from carrying away the livestock.

Two officers from the Costilla County Sheriff’s Office have investigated the mutilations but say they don’t know what’s killing the calves.

I wonder if the Phantom Hitchhikers are back. I’m not a vegetarian, so I’m not going to get all PETA about this. I hope that no one tortured the animals. It’s a sure thing that something from this planet took them out. Any other planet an alien might have traveled from is very far away. So the unfortunate calves were probably done in by something mundane.

ALTERNATE EXPLANATION: They went out for a cup of coffee, and given the relativistic time-dilation effect their coffee break brought them back thirty years later, Earth time.