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Joanna Russ

My Boat

What a week! First Pheobe Snow, and now science fiction goddess Joanna Russ has died.

She was one of the best and most original writers of the 70’s, and will be missed.

I found one of my favorites of her short stories on Google Books. When I first read it I didn’t catch her Lovecraft references, but I always loved the story for its fantasy of outsider kids achieving a transformation into their best selves. Perhaps that’s what makes children so brave, their dreams of who they’ll be when they grow up–

My Boat by Joanna Russ.

Darn! The above link connects to Google Docs, but if you can sign in, ‘My Boat’ is there– not perfect format but very readable. Good luck and enjoy.

Phoebe Snow

She had a lovely and distinctive voice, she was a dedicated and loving mother, she’s one of the sounds of our youth.

Phoebe Snow has died.

She could have been a superstar, but she left the career behind to care for her daughter, Valerie Rose, born with hydrocephalus. She had soul, on and off the stage.


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