Brand New Weight Loss Miracle Food

This is a new one– resistant carbs.

“Starch can fall into one of three classifications: readily digestible, slowly digestible and resistant. The latter does not get absorbed in the small intestines. Starch foods that fall into the resistant category are only minimally digested. On a side note, any digestion that takes place is slow, which in turn results in a slow but steady release of glucose into the bloodstream.”

Beans, sweet potatoes, whole-grain pasta are ‘resistant’. Nothing wrong with any of these foods, but there’s nothing new either.

I had about three golden years of young adulthood where I was very active with martial arts. I ate less than I do now, and kind of forgot about my weight altogether. It was not a problem.

I remember half-hearing a commercial on TV about something called ‘starch block’. Starch block? Maybe it would be okay with some butter and salt and pepper, but why not stick with the traditional spaghetti or that newfangled rotini everyone was eating? Would a starch block be less slippery on your plate? Wouldn’t it be tricky to cook it all the way through?

I soon realized that ‘starch block’ was not a new pasta shape, but a pill that promised to quarantine the starch as it passed through your digestion.

‘Resistant starches’ won’t work for me. I like all those foods just fine, but you eat a couple of yams and that’s a lot of calories no matter how much the yams resist. I’ll extract those calories in the end, so help me God.