Obama is the Antichrist–What Else is New?

CrooksAndLiars says that a heckler screamed, ‘Obama you are the Antichrist’ as the president spoke at a fundraising event in Los Angeles.

To a former Pentecostal, like this writer, the heckler’s outburst is unsurprising. It would be shocking if the extreme Christian right did not declare Obama to be the Antichrist. I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I’ve read my Revelations, and I have a pretty good idea how it works.

A lot of people are upset because Obama won the election. They might conclude that it happened because more people voted for him, but that’s too simple. It makes more sense that this is a sign of the End Times. The evidence is indisputable.

When Obama had soaring approval ratings, his political success was proof he had superpowers. When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that confirmed it, because the Antichrist will bring world peace. When he escalated the war in Afghanistan, that was more proof, because the Antichrist starts wars. And his current low approval is because we’re a Christian nation, and Obama is the Antichrist. See how it works?

Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot of competition for the title. If you include the undead, the dark throne is going to look like a game of musical chairs. I listed some contenders in my previous post,

Antichrist Hall of Fame…

In rough chronological order…

John F. Kennedy Some fear that he was up to something when he got himself assassinated.

Jimmy Carter He promoted peace in the Middle East, when we all know that nuclear war is in God’s plan.

Ronald Reagan Supernaturally charming–at least to some people, it was lost on me.

Mikhail Gorbachev He had that funny mark on his forehead, although if he used Rogaine it probably wouldn’t have showed.

Bill Clinton Nobody we knew voted for him and he won anyway.

Vladimir Putin He’s Russian. And he was able to fool President Bush with his soulful gaze.

George W. Bush Took 666 vacation days in his first 4 years.

John Paul II He was a Catholic. And he lived in Rome.

Pope Benedict He lives in Rome too.

John Mc Cain Saw that funny photo of him sticking out his tongue.

You can see it’s a crowded field. President Obama has a lot on his plate, trying to get his jobs bill passed, and was probably more focused on raising campaign money than on putting the Mark of the Beast on the dollar bill.

But you can’t be too careful. The state of Virginia considered legislation to protect citizens from The Mark, and all the unholy nurses and doctors waiting to implant it– I’m not kidding, the link is here.