Vote for Us or We’ll Shut You Down

I’m surprised that Mitt Romney never heard the expression, “Living well is the best revenge.” Maybe when you’re born rich and just get richer you never enjoy the satisfaction of surprising your critics by doing better than you were ‘supposed’ to. Poor Mr. Romney, deprived of this character-building experience.

But the terror of all the excluded people rising up with vengeance in their eyes and–gods forbid–voting, has moved the Republican party to a steady effort to make it more difficult to exercise this right of citizenship.

the rest of Ninjanurse’ rant is here.

What He Said– What I Heard

There are ‘dog whistles’, subtle signals that only the base can hear. Mitt Romney isn’t even bothering with that– just going straight to Birtherland. So no one ever asked him to show his birth certificate? Yeah, Mitt, I’ll bet that no one follows your wife around the store when she goes shopping, or asks you in your own country ‘where you’re from’? Why would that be?

Never in my life have I ever heard a president’s nationality questioned until we elected our first black president. If Mitt Romney thinks the meaning of his ‘joke’ is lost on Black Americans he will find out different in November.

Washington Post thinks Mitt was blowing a dog whistle too.

When the driver made my mother-in-law go to the back of the bus in Selma, Alabama, he didn’t ask for her papers, or where her father was born. It was all about color. Too often, it still is.

(thank you, Public Domain Clip Art)